Bacon. That 5 letter word that conjures out imagery of porky umami goodness and wanton decadence. Bacon Aficionados are in for a treat – Newtown’s Cuckoo Callay is going porkys and full hog with their forthcoming Bacon Festival starting February 9th. Showcasing Black Forest Smokehouse’s yummy bacon products utilising product from Australian Farmers – Bacon Festival will showcase 8 dishes and 2 beverages. This is one for your bacon loving, coffee swilling, brunch fans.

Bacon Festival - Cuckoo Callay Newtown (6)
What a croque of Bacon – Bacon, vintage cheddar croquettes, bourbon bacon, pea puree and 2 perfect poached eggs.

Bacon Festival - Cuckoo Callay Newtown (2)
Bacon All the Rules – This is the Bacon Festivals signature dish with enough bacon product used in its components to overload your bacon loving senses. Maple Bacon, Bourbon Bacon, Bacon steak, Bacon Sausages and Bacon Crumbed Poached Eggs. Theres’ also a piece of sourdough in there somewhere.
Bacon Festival - Cuckoo Callay Newtown (4)

Bacon Dawg – A bacon sausage (yup) with gruyere cheese, tomato quince relish and crackling.
Seriously giving Mr Crackles a run for their money with this baby here.

Bacon Festival - Cuckoo Callay Newtown (5).
Bacon, Get in my belly – Pork belly with sweet chilli, fennel seed sauce. And yes, Bacon!

Bacon Festival - Cuckoo Callay Newtown (3)
Don’t go Bacon My heart – Beer candied bacon, popcorn chicken, beer and tomato chutney, mustard aioli and slaw.
An easy favourite of many diners today.

Bacon Festival - Cuckoo Callay Newtown (7)
Ya Bacon Me Crazy – Buttermilk waffles, bacon, caramel and cinnamon ice cream, maple syrup and chocolate covered bourbon bacon
This is pretty much the ultimate dessert bacon dish. There’s chocolate covered crispy Bacon.

Bacon Festival - Cuckoo Callay Newtown (1)
Its not just the food, Cuckoo Callay’s Bloody Mary drink’s going to pimped up with bacon! Its got fruit so its good for ya.

Pig out. Bacon Festival at Cuckoo Callay starts 9th February. We have it on real good authority that you’ll probably need to make bookings as they’re getting slammed with reservations.

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