Located at RouseHill, about a 40 minute drive from Sydney is the Australian Hotel and Brewery – home to Australian Brewery brews and cider. We check in to scout out their new craft beer bar and discover, that despite the name – it really is a small to mid scale brewery (Young Henry’s will be a lot bigger than AB once their new brewery operations take off). We also didn’t expect to find a large dining hall that’s very family friendly. One for your sydney weekender, this is the first venue we went to that smelt completely hoppy and delicious. Bring your sober companion/driver and lets dig in.


We park out the back and enter here. There’s an enclosed beer backyard where you can bask in the sunshine while you enjoy the brews.


This was a surprise. A largish dining hall and kids. Its a bit RSLish but the scale of the venue is quite impressive.


Beer bottle lamp was kinda vegasy, kind of indie art cool. Look up.


Adjoining the main hall is the newly built craft beer bar. Its just in the distance. There’s heaps of seating, you can get cocktails and there’s brews aplenty. You can just make out the wood fired oven here and yep, they do woodfired pizzas


Here’s the range of beers on tap at the Craft Beer section of Australian brewery. That lockout! IBU incidentally is the International Bitterness Unit – the higher the value, the more bitter it is.


Noticed this under the signboard. Mantra.


The brewery tour proceeded and the scent of malts/hops/filled the air.


Vats of beer. Its about 1400 liters per vat.


Here’s a look at the stuff that goes into the beer. The green pellets is hops. There’s 3 shades of malts; with different flavours from the degree of roasting.


At AB, they have a tinning system that allows them to have a very compact canning operation. The kit probably fits in a 3×3 room.


Taller and thinner, the AB beers pack well.


Gotta say, digging the new packaging for their cider range which differentiates it from the ale/beer range. It used to be a golden can.


The pilsner and pale ales are both award winning. Delicious and easy drinking and they sell a lot of these for good reason.


AB Pale ales.


Its not all beers here. The craftbeer bar is set up by john hemmingway (formerly of shady pines and also newtown favourite midnight special)


Cocktails, and beer. You really can’t go wrong here. Andrew’s there making cocktails. Its not all beer. Good time drinking – a rather good amaretto sour.


There’s a wood fired oven here and you can get pizzas, charcuterie and also garlic/rosemary bread. Perfect with beer.


A look at the AB range available in cans. We’ll have crates of all of them please.


It might not look like much but that plastic tab is award winning and you can head out to your dance festival with the reusable carryall and lug around your AB brews. Quite fancy.

We had a great time at AB, the beers are fantastic and the pale ale and pilsner are award winning for a reason. We’ve always also been partial to their extra hoppy which goes great with fried chicken – the craftbeer area has good eating bites with your beer, the cocktail we had (a special request amaretto sour with whiskey) was delicious. There’s also a dance hall upstairs and convention facilitates here. As mentioned, one for the beer aficionados. Well worth the drive up to rouse hill. Too far? Head into your local Dan Murphys for the range or liquourland for the extrahoppy.


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