This is part of a series of restaurants/shops that we went to as part of the foodies/poweruser group as invited by Google Sydney. Mado Cafe, Menzil Bakery, Buket Bakery, Gima super market, Auburn Halal Meats, Real Turkish Delight HQ and Persian Vatan Restaurant. (links will be update to this paragraph as they come up). The trip was organised and run by Gourmet Safaris.


Our 2nd stop along the trip was across the road at Menzil Turkish Bakehouse. There wasn’t any signage that called it Menzil, but the cake boxes helped to identify it. They do 100% halal products and while here we got to savour a selection of Turkish breads and sweets.


Menzil Turkish Bakehouse

40 Auburn Road Auburn NSW 2144‎

Simit Bread.

REAL turkish bread. Not the stuff you get at Coles. much lighter.


A selection of turkish sweets/pastries. Those Madeline type bites were great. They sell these by the kilogram, $17/kg.  Its an interesting way to sell product. By the kilogram.


Buket Cake Shop

67 Rawson St, Auburn, NSW, 2144

We later moved onto Buket cake shop.. which is quite an interesting name for it because upon entering, you’ll see no cake that you would traditionally identify as a cake.

A whole bunch of turkish sweets at Buket. No cakes.


Pide breads cooling on the counter

Go Turky posters and pides cooling on the back counter
While at Buket, we tried their vegetarian pides and their meat pides. I wasn’t too fond of the meat ones but the vegetarian pides were very good. While there

baklava, honey cakes and more turkish sweets. The ones at the bottom kind of looked like marshmellows.


These looked really good. Didn’t get to try them but I need to get some in the future.

um, yum. baklava.




Real Turkish Delight

Shop 1, 3-5 Station Rd, Auburn, NSW 2144


The final sweet stop on the Gourmet Safari Trip was the Real Turkish Delight shop. This was an unassuming street corner shop and probably the fanciest shop we’ve attended today. The RTD that we ate here is the stuff you see all over; the RTD chain is an Auburn pride and real success story with the business having expanded and with chains like David Jones, carrying their product. Be prepared to be covered in icing sugar. This stuff is addictive.


It might be called Real Turkish Delight but the store is dominated by belgian chocolate.

This stuff is so good.


Various belgian chocolate product Turkish style. The pistachio ones are amazing.


Homestyle Turkish biscuits.


More chocolate products.

Rose flavoured turkish delight samplers. You’ll know what to expect if you’d had these. I brought 2 boxes back to the office and some of my colleagues never had it. :O good stuff. Sweet and chewy. I didn’t take a photo but I didn’t realise that they have alternate flavours for turkish delight. You can get: Mint, vanilla, pistachio flavours. The vanilla ones are quite nice.

Chocolates. Again, a lot of its incredible to eat. Really had to control it here.



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  1. Christine

    Can you come work at my office because I am adddictted to Turkish Delight haha. Its one of my fave sweets – sooo good!