Aperitivo is one of the 5 Italian Pizzeria located in NSW that is (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) AVPN certified. They make some killer pizzas with a very yummy Margherita which was amongst one of the best pizzas we’ve had. It’s a large italian venue with a plywood lined wall to one side with colourful artwork on it.

Aperitivo Leichhardt (1)
Aperitivo is large, taking up the width of 2 shopfronts. They do aperitifs here and and there’s a nice front bar in the venue.

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buffalo mozzarella mouse and tomato gel refreshingly delicious this.

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Also here today is Aperol and Campari – wondering what goes in an Aperol Spritz? Instructions in the pic.

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Aperitivo Leichhardt (14)
A rather delicious risotto dish, creamy and flavoursome. There’s porcini in this. It’s excellent.

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Aperol Spritz and an Aperol Orange juice. Both delicious and refreshing.

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A sampling of delicious vinos at Aperitivo.

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Their Margherita Pizza sits on a soft base while swimming in a pool of tomato sauces. Its a delicious gooey treat and amongst one of the best pizzas you’ll have.

Aperitivo Leichhardt (17)
This Salsiccia Pizza with sausage, gooey mozzarella, radicchio and porcini mushrooms is similiar good. with the bitterness of the raddichio tempered by the sausage and mushroom. Your kids probably won’t like this but its very good.

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Aperitivo Leichhardt (7)
Also at Aperitivo is an incredible Capesante Fiordlatte  with seared seascallops and sautéed silverbeet.

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Here, a Tartufo – cream of ricotta, Parmesan, pancetta, rocket and blacktruffle paste. Fragant oozy, delicious.

Aperitivo Leichhardt (3)
Dessert was a chocolate mound and its luxuriant and rich. Very delightful. It was kind of hard to see the colours in the bowl – the assumption was that it was all chocolate. But the picture tells a different story.

Aperitivo is a venue, we’d visit just for the pizzas. It’s pretty great. Have an apertif, grab a pizza and have a great time. They’re also the only Australian Pizza Place (that is certified by the AVPN) to sit in the Top 30 in Australia.
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