Really not going to Lie, Was doing alright updating the Jugernauts Blog tonight til I got to the Al Aseel pictures and now my stomache is rumbling and my appetite has been veted by the succulent lemon chicken dish. It was impossible good and caused my mate to constantly go “Oh god, this is amazing”.

Al Aseel is located near the Marlborough Hotel in Newtown and recently won Time Out’s Best Bang Award and it really does deserve the award. We were promptly seated, had pre meal breads + pickles + a nice jug full of water served before even ordering. Service is spot on, they really nailed hospitality.

As for the food. Portions were gigantic; costing around $25/main but you definitely get what you paid for. Its tremendously well cooked, super delicious food in an excellent space. Everything on the plate tasted great and the meats were perfectly cooked and the tabouli having great flavours.

I live 3 minutes away. I’m in trouble. I can already tell I’ll be back repeatedly. A Jugernaut Fav!


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