The agape food truck is an extension of Simon Lawson’s Agape organic food restaurant business. It’s a big red food truck with an oversized logo on it. Dropped by during crave food festival’s Night Market to try part of the menu. Considering this is affordable dining option compared to their relative expensive  restaurant, let’s see if it translate

menu and price guide with “presentation meals”


organic spelt pizza. $10


Massamun Curry $12

The massamun curry was alright if a little too sweet. Nice spice/heat level. Beef was tender but it lacked punchiness that real malayasian curries had. Very strong cardamom flavour, so it was quite fragrant. Portion size was good in a deep bowl.

However, the rice it sat on was overcooked and mushy – so a curry on soggy rice. Finished it but it was kind of average


Beef Satay on wrap $12

This was promising when we ate the topping – had some crunch, was suitably tasty til we got to the beef cubes that was in this satay. Dry and hard (like tiny beef pucks), really overcooked beef. And the pita bread (roti) thing sat at the bottom so we weren’t sure how to eat this. Do you eat it like a taco? Messy if you tried… Tried to eat it, but the beef was so bad.   it did go in the bin eventually. Portion size was good.



So that’s what part of Agape’s foodtruck was like. Really disappointed. The promise of organic produce; it’s a waste of organic food if you don’t cook it right. The beef satay, that was just a waste of good cow. Wagyu?  Didn’t want to return to try dessert with so many other stalls at the night noodle markets. A real shame. I’m going to hazard a guess that turning over big numbers for the NNM is why quality dropped. But then my mates told me that the food wasn’t so good when they tried it. I probably would have had a better meal just eating the oysters. $24 bucks worth of oysters.  Or you can go to the fishmarket and just eat super fresh oysters there.


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