Part of Sydney Fringe Fest, 5 Eliza is a popup bar located at the back of Zanzibar (on 5 Eliza St Newtown) , walk down towards the courthouse, you’ll see a big graphical print + a staircase laced with cotton wool and fairy lights and you’re there. This is a pop up bar; so it’s not going to be a round much long so head in ASAP if you want to.






Pinball machine and a couch in the corner

The inside is a big hall with pressed ornate ceiling. The room is adorned with velvet carpet making it feel like a high school prom – the bar sells absinthey drinks. I had a green fairy drink, tasted alright, came in a plastic cup (picnic) while mate had a cider. 7-8pm drinks are $5! Girls were handing out some “relaxant” drink called Bchilled. DJ was pumping out envogue “free your mind” when we walked in which was amusing.

Check it out if you’re in Newtown. this bar lasts til the 30th so you have 7 days to get there.


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