10 William Street like Acme (Now timeout’s winner of restaurant of the year), Lumi is a dining hotspot that we’ve been meaning to pop into and its about time we got acquainted with Daniel Pepperrell’s food and this little italian restaurant/wine bar  in William Street Paddington. There’s no reservations to be had, we popped in at 8pm and were told that there’ll be an hour wait – good thing that paddo inn’s across the road.

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10 William Street Paddington (2)10 william is tight. and they fit a lot of bodies in here – with the next table mid dinner bumping their now empty wine bottle and it fell clattering right into our feet region and somehow vanished. Amusing but its all rowdy, animated and everyone’s having a good time. Tune selection was pop and various other modern contemporary which amused. Shaggy played. Light levels are low and sexy. The crowd is a mix of mid 20s to 40s.

10 William Street Paddington (5)Solid tasty shiraz. 10 williams is a wine bar and their wine list was impressive.

10 William Street Paddington (6)sardine katsu sando. Tip top white bread with salty sardine and katsu in this. We had a chat with Patrick Friesen about sandwiches and how its pedestrian food and this was anything but. Savoury and delightful. Funny how not very many ingredients can make a simple Sando pop.

10 William Street Paddington (10)King Fish Crudo. The kaffir lime leaves on the plate gave it that freshness but were largely inedible – tried to get into them but inevitably ended up pulling them aside, we were met with a cleanly delicious crudo with the nori adding salty texture. Not sure about them kafir lime leaves though. Garnish?

10 William Street Paddington (7)buffalo mozzarella, cucumber and sherry. considering the lightness in flavour of both cucumber and the buffalo mozerella this was surprisingly tart and tangy from the use of pesto.

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10 William Street Paddington (9)Our mains. Skirt Steak – a nice medium good char on these and we shared the mains – parpadelle Bolognese $25 is a well priced – ample in serve with a flavoursome bolognese that made it a standout pleaser. It’s really good. Steak was medium rare, full bodied and had hints of truffle – we could be dreaming but also very nice.

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10 William Street Paddington (8)Desserts – Kumquat Curds and Tiramisu. Both Desserts $11 – they’re nothing fancy to look at but that’s $4 cheaper than most restaurant’s tarted up dessert options. There’s different pleasures to be had here – kumquat curd effusively citrusy with bursts of acid when the fruit pops in your mouth unleashing a torrent of fresh citrus notes as it melds with the curd and honey. In contrast, the tiramisu is pretty classic in that hokey moley this is so good sorta way.

10 William Street. Visit. Eating here, not far from where the rather Fantastic Pinbone sat – we wondered why that didn’t work. Damn good is what this is. And what that was.

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