This weekend, 2 Newtown related foodie / barhopper event is going to take place on the the 13th Oct (Sunday) and both will be worth checking out. Excited for these happenings

Good Food Month hits Newtown with a great selection of local Newtown food and beverage outlets taking over the hub area (where Newtown Market sits) and from 11-4pm, you can check out a selection of Newtown’s Finest. Quite keen to check out what Bloodwood is doing. Their polenta chips are great and their trifle was amazing. You can also just wander up to Black Star Pastry :)

Newtown Square opposite the road from Newtown Station

Date+Time: 13 October 11am-4pm


Newtown’s own brewery, Young Henry’s collaborates with Toby’s Estate to fuse coffee and brew.  The result is a limited-edition lager called OkTobyfest and a limited-edition cider. If you love beer, and if you love coffee, this is one to check out.

The unique OkTobyfest beer and cider have been specially created using the normally discarded coffee cherry skins (cascara) collected during processing from Toby’s Estate’s coffee plantation in Panama. The cascara result in a sweet, cherry-like flavor with raisin and plum notes which add something truly unique to the brews.

Guests will have the chance to win a 13-day trip to explore Central American destinations Costa Rica and Panama (guided tour by Toby’s Estate founder Toby Smith)

The Bar at the End of the Wharf Pie 4, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay.

Date+Time: 13 October from 2pm.

read more here:

Private event but you can register your interest by emailing (by October 11th).


Jug Mate Diego Bonetto is running this cool pozible campaign to lead the charge in Sydney for a wild food map.

“#WildFoodMap is Google Map overlay facilitating a community-driven wild food and medicine plant identification and social mapping services. We’ve set out to provide a platform to locate sources of free food and medicine plants (native or not) living in the landscape sharing locations and related knowledge through social media interaction.”Its sustainable, and the thing is kind of cool. Read more at the link and support with your dollars.