A couple of months back, We chanced upon the Ttotaler popup store, its basically a big large ply panel with display shelving inside the shop (same venue). Amber Hudson of Ttotaler was there and she mentioned that this will become the Ttotaler retail/cafe. Its now open at 555A King Street Newtown (near the Union and Made590). Its a fantastic repurposed, industrial cool teashop and one that fits in really well to this part of Newtown. We loved it. You will too.


Amber in the “popup version” of Ttotaler.

Light and Airy, with a great selection of furniture and warm tungsten lighting. The communal table has a built in bit of greenery and looks great.

Ttotaler teas are available for purchase also, and you can smell them in the little beakers

On the back wall, more shelving and bits of re-purposed industrial ephemera. If you look closer at the light fittings, its a tap. Just a clever touch to the fitout which they put together themselves. You can just make up a cold drip device hanging there.

The back counter is where food prep happens, there’s cakes. eats and tea. The big hanging lamp is a repurposed cinema projection device that used to hold a projection camera but now holds up a lamp. That’s Paul there with Amber.

A look at the menu today. If you look carefully, most items on the menu will have some form of tea product in it. There’s also #mocktails on the menu – here called Tea Tails.

Tiny cake bits to pair with your teas here. Wattleseed mini cakes. Yummy little bite sized treats. Larger slices incoming.

Tea Negroni – (GIN)seng, bitters, juniper, orange, chamomile – tasted very similar to the real thing without the sting of alcohol. Refreshing

A not coffee coffee, roasted barley, sorghum and dandelions – quite interesting. Close – the whiff and taste is not bitter enough for coffee but close.

Ttotaler’s shop is just seriously cool.

Ttotaler is open Wednesday to Sunday (Sunday is reserved for appointed Cake+Tea matching degustations).

Retail – Retail range of loose leaf tea which is sourced locally in Australia where possible. ​

​​Tea Alchemy Blending work-shops – ​To spread our knowledge and encourage people to be more creative with tea.

Drink Tea – ​We are experimenting with new methods of brewing such as cold drip and sparkling. However, we will also be providing a high quality and extensive range of traditionally brewed teas.

​Food – ​Locally sourced, seasonal produce and tea will be a big feature of our food menu.

Tea Bar – Friday nights 5-9pm the T Totaler Tea bar will be open. Where we have experimented to make Tea-Tails that are a play on cocktails.

Tasting Menu – ​Sundays will be Matched Tea and Cake Degustations. 10am-6pm (every 2 hours​) Small groups of up to 19 people will be guided through and experience how tea and food can pair together and highlight each other.

Note: How Ttotaler is doing a Tea Bar every Friday Night. This is what you can expect. Drink Tea, Socialise. Have a good time.

We dig Ttotaler. Its a fine looking establishment with an attention to detail and fitout. It really does look fantastic. Tea lovers should pay attention and drop in. When they bring you your drinks and eats, care is taken to introduce the menu item. Its a nice touch. The fact that Amber grew this business out of her passion for teas – and the business started off in markets around sydney/Marrickville means, its truly local. Well worth your time. Drop in and say hello to Paul and Amber.

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