Eating round my burb, this time its Smash Sausage Kitchen located on south king street Newtown. Must have walked up and down past this place hundreds of times but never came, despite having heard raves from good mates Leanne+ Neil (who always seems to be here per his facebook posts). It was always the food challenge that attracted. does have a predilection towards huge serves of food to be consumed in the minutes. Apparently Smash also does great eating sausages and great mash. On the back of Sydney Fringe and the Night Garden, I gathered 7 people to come try this – although group A couldn’t read their emails and ended up here before the fringe event.


The Sydney Fringe Fest is on you guys~


Happy diners and a party of Birthday peeps. Huge colourful art on the wall, super poppy and cheesy.


Mondrianesque Pop colours and a hodge podge of furniture giving Smash a whimsical feel. That’s a lot of mirror there.


A look at the menu. Its instructive. Pick xyz sausage, pick mash, pick sauce, pick extras. You can click on the menu for an expanded pic. They have vegetarian options you guys.


Kumera Crisps free starter chips and we devoured them.


Its a big O. And a Miss Piggy quote. Jugs is in love.


This is the challenge the Jugernauts was made for. I will need to head back. Jim Bob Rose devoured the sausages in under 8 minutes. What a legend! Mate Steve Fernandez is on the wall. I’m not sure why marilyn is there. Maybe the lady doth enjoy the sausage.


A look at the venue and the seats inside.


And now to the highlights. We ordered a variety of their sauasages and a variety of their mashes and the overall verdict is that its all delicious! Potato and Leek Mash here.


More sausages and nice gooey sauce.


2 chilli sausages here with a Parmesan cheese mash and everything here was great. The sausage with chilli was delicious and had real kick.


Dessert Tasting Plate: $20. You can pick 3 of 4 choices on the menu and we got everything on the menu. Banoffee, sticky date and eton mess here.


Banoffee, Flourless Chocolate Cake and an Eton Mess.

Its not often that you’d really head out to have dinner and eat sausages – you sort of do so at Lowenbrau but that’s germanic and quite different to this. At Smash, the vast selection of sausages made for a rather amusing affair of picking your sausage, mash, sauce. Food was quite delicious and of all the sausages we had, I think the definite highlight was the “Hot as Hell” Beef sausage, while not quite a tear jerky, it  had enough spice and nice to make it our favourite this evening. The mash was similarly yummy and I doused mine with the mushroom sauce. Its good eating pub fare, coupled with great friendly service.

Desserts was similarly good and the tasting plate allowed us to try just most thing they had on the menu there. Dug the Banoffee pie which was delicious and similarly the eton mess was a good one.

Great eating mains and desserts. We enjoyed our dinner here and were nearly tempted by the 2 foodtrucks at the Night Garden. Glad we dropped in. Sausage Good.

Liking gets you 10% off (FB also informs you of bonus eats and various promos they’re throwing. Few business FBs do this but Smash does. Tuesdays is bonus sausage day. So be sure to check out their FB page). Also Kids eat free with every paying adult Wednesday and Sunday.

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