Rising Sun is the result of a successful pozible campaign and it’s now taking off – with a popup happening in Newtown (going for about 7 weeks – so probably til end of May so scurry in). They’ve taken over the space that recently housed a fashion popup and the funky space now houses a motorbike workshop/cafe but its the Ramen that’s going to bring all the hipsters to the yard. Btw, it should be noted, they had heaps of Young Henry’s long necks and we expected beers but its only water (so BYO) if you want a tipple.


In the day, the space is airy, clean and industrial and looks fairly appealing. Quite like that shelving unit. Note the helmets.


coffees, cakes, tea, a house made gingerboy and the 3 ramens. We’ve had The Dark and Light – the Monk is the vegetarian version. The Ramen are $15 each.


A look at the venue. Screwdrivers and Ramen. That mural is F U N K Y! Considering its a pop up, I think they did a great job on the fitout. Because the space is so light, the lacquered red tables stnad out.


The ginger boy. It is nice but wanted more of a spicy ginger kick per some of the more robust organic ginger drinks you can buy.


The Darkness (as lit at night). Bones, Earth and Smoked and it really rich and delicious. Eggs kinda perfect and the noodle had a nice bite. There’s pork in there and its substantial.


The Darkness in the day. There’s a generous serve of pork in there hidden away too. And the wilted greens is collard greens.


The Light. Compared to the punchy flavours of the Darkness Ramen, this was quite light and different. It should be noted that the 2 Ramens with protein have pork and the same ingredients in them. Egg, mushroom, pork, collard greens.


They nailed the egg. Also a nice eat but we’re leaning towards the Darkness. You can’t go wrong with either though.
As mentioned, we didn’t try The Monk but its “vegan broth (roast garlic, ginger, shiitake mushrooms) topped with miso eggplant, bamboo, nori and pickles”


Chirashai – they provide a nice little dipping season plate and you dip your pork in it.

As mentioned, RSW is going to be here for a couple more weeks and its a nice place to drop in and grab a bite. The pastries they have we believe is from strawberry hills patisserie out at Dulwich hill and looked very nice. Crew were super friendly and the food was very good. We really enjoyed both visits and if you’re into motorbikes and supporting an outfit that provides a garage in which to work on your bikes, This is one to check. Go go now.



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  1. Gaby

    I’m not particularly good at getting to places soon but I’ll try to make it before they close.