Been meaning to drop into Parliament on King – friend sent me a picture on his way back from the gym. Super tiny cafe, quirky looking and looked like an OP shop. Sort of… So what’s Parliament like? Btw, note the title… I would have sworn this was in Newtown but just because its on the opposite side of the street and just…. far away enough, its actually Erskineville. The concept for Parliament on King is so kooky that they had to put a sign on the street that says “Cafe”. Left and right of it.


CAFE! Free wifi and Hifi. Nice seating outside and a quirky vespa.  Fine Coffes and books you guys


tiny tiny cafe/room. Its like a hoarder’s place but quirky and cool. Nice magenta pink walls. A chandelier.


I’ve seen the guy working here somewhere else but hey its the innerwest.


Bookshelf. And yes, you can buy books.


Water in a retro water jug with period art and the cuts are also period plastic ones. Cute cushions.


Soda Pony is across the road you guys


There’s a vinyl player here and Ravi enourages you to brink in your record and play some tunes. We’re going to bring in some dance music.


BIts of random trivia. Owners live here. This is their living room. Free wifi and you’re encouraged to display art and also, do launches. LOVE IT.



Coffees. Note the plates and the ornate spoons. Good coffees and its nice to sit inside in the quirk.


Salmon on toast (bread and butter project) with avocado. $10. Simple tasty eats.

Parliament on King is quirky bizarre cafe and easily wins “MOST INNERWEST/NEWTOWN” hands down. Tiny, with seating for maybe 15-20but it’d be a real cosy fit. The cafe is boho, eclectic and does rather great coffees and toasties featuring The Bread & Butter Project. Free wifi and easy welcoming atmosphere means this is one to keep on the coffee map. Its quite different and you got to dig that you can bring in your own tunes and you’re encouraged to do so. Its a great fascinating little cafe. Well worth checking out, you’ll get it if you spend time in there. We’ve already been back – as evidenced by our late night coffees the other night. They also take portraits of their patrons and slap them online. Check it out.


Parliament on King

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