Newtown’s Wahoo dinner was a curiousity. It had a bizarro looking fitout – 80s diner with japanese; or at least we think it was Japanese as looking at the way it was done up – it had that doomed to fail look – not surprisingly, it lasted a couple of months and now that’s given way to N2 Extreme Gelato Newtown. And oh, what a surprise this was. Messina has often said, they didn’t want to step on toes by entering the Newtown suburb but N2’s here now and it comes as no surprise to nobody that they’re doing gangbusters and packed. Combo the great gimmick with good instafreeze gelato; and the spectacle of billowing cold air? The other gelato joints watch out. This is a game changer.

The N2 procress is simple. Cream gets thrown in a thermomix, then liquid nitrogen is added freezing it and making insta gelatos – the trick then is the jazzing up of the gelato with chocolate topping, injectables, donuts, whipped cream, ganaches and more. Looking at the menu and picking what treat you wanna have today is equally pleasureable.

They went with a slightly wacky construction site/google colour fitout here – with available seating in the form of them stepladders and step cubes. Its fun and no holds barred.

N2 Extreme Gelato Newtown (1)
N2 Extreme Gelato Newtown (2)
We’re not frequent patrons of N2 Chinatown – but this joint is local and we were thrilled to find out that besides the inventive manners in which their Gelato is made, that their menus change; weekly.

N2 Extreme Gelato Newtown (7)
N2 Extreme Gelato Newtown (8)
N2 Extreme Gelato Newtown (9)
So that’s a fair few visits and that’s a large selection of their gelato. There’s not much more that need extolling (or explaining why we dug xyz) other than the fact that the frozen treats are delicious and you really need to visit. N2 is a fun delicious visit and the packed out shop most evenings is testament to them doing it right. Check out our visit to N2 when their Chinatown store opened.

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