We were rather impressed with Luyu Yum yum during our first visit for dinner their opening week. Our First Luyu Yumyum visit 2 weeks later, raving about how fantastic Luyu was and how this posh and elevated modern Cantonese dim sum tea restaurant was, we check back in for eats and check out more of their venue. Now that word of mouth is out, Luyu was packed with dinners filling up its dining space for their top notch dumplings and then some.

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (24)

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (4)

That back of Luyu Yumyum is their dumpling station and its an appealing mix of black and yellow – as mentioned in our original writeup, the space looks fantastic with an appealing modern asian aesthetics. The fitout is smartly finished and highly appealing.

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (7)

Luyu Springrolls were these rather lengthy vegeterian spring rolls with Chinese mushroom, king oyster mushroom, fungi, carrot, baby bokchoy. Quite enjoyed these with a delicious filling that was full of punchy flavours from the mushrooms and well seasoned. Easily eaten without dipping into the sweet chilli sauce.

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (11)

An array of dumplings and sauces that we ordered this time round.

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (8)Luyu Yum yum Newtown (12)

We rather liked these vegetarian Fungi dumplings $10.80 (steamed rice flour) and their caviar/scallop dumplings $13.80 the last time we had them – with their semi translucent skins and ample filling. Delicious.

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (10)

Mr Yumyum Potstickers $10.80 – Gyoza styled fried dumplings came seared with a nice pork , chive cabbage filling. Again, we’d revisit these as the dumplings were packed full of flavour and we noted that the dough had (chives?) blended through which added an extra dimension to its taste

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (13)

A surprise hit at the table. We really didn’t want these but the Luyu Yum Yum “Garlic Bread” $7.80 was actually cheese and garlic on Chinese Mantous and were flavourbombs that packed a salty, cheesy and yes a real garlicy bite. Order these. Put those rather ordinary ones you’ve ordered in the past on notice.

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (19)Luyu Yum yum Newtown (20)Luyu Yum yum Newtown (18)

Caviar Fried King Prawns, Chinese Roast Duck (plum basil roasted), Eggplant with chrysanthemum honey soy, eggplant, sesame, coriander and dried fried onion.

Moving into the Mains part of the dinner, we returned to our favourite from the last visit – their King Prawns with its poppy caviar sauce and succulent prawns. The Roast Duck was a delicious meaty roast duck that again, we’d happily reorder. Their eggplant dish came battered with a tender melt in your mouth feel.

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (5)

white swan (left) and a grecian garden (think mojitoish)

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (9)

(L) Amaretto Sour and (R) Bourbon Brandy Sour. More atypical cocktails are also served here.

Luyu Yum yum Newtown (1)


It should be noted that Luyu Yumyum isn’t just a great Cantonese dumpling venue – they also do delicious cocktails. Dumplings and Cocktails this Thursday Evening made for an excellent evening out. Still a delightful dining venue, We really like Luyu and Yum Yum. Their menu seems to have expanded with new dumplings coming onboard – with a couple of new dumplings coming onboard. We also spotted these rainbow dumplings that we’d love to check back in for. Check out our OG review of Luyu Here.

Luyu and Yumyum.
196 King St Newtown, NSW 2042


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