*edit: so we did return to KPK a few weeks back/about 2 weeks after the 1st visit and the toilet area had rather dubious pictures of people on the crapper, genitalia and people pissing (not sure why KPK think this is a cool thing as we went back for food and its was quite gross to see such pics when you’re out dining). Be warned. Apparently, they encourage guests to send said pics to a mobile number put up on the wall so… dubious dubious taste level.

Nothing to see here? Nah. Plenty. Located at 62-64 King Street newtown is the little guy 2.0 (all these small bars doing 2.0s). Kingston Public Kitchen. It a kitchen/bar that feels a little new and a little schmick and its quite nice. They did a great job on the fitout and our time at the bar was nice. Laura from Bobbin and Ink had mentioned to me that a new bar had opened. We dropped in 3 days in. Newtown is shaping up quite nicely with this and the new BrewtownNewtown.


Bits of stuff near the entry. kegs + seats.


5pm and its about 3 days old and savvy on the money newtowners are here chowing down. Nice bits of suspended lighting there.


They have a slicer here. And a nice sized kitchen. All the yummy food!kingston-public-kitchen-6

Nice long table and seats here. Note that industrial piping that holds the lamps. cool.kingston-public-kitchen-8

Looking back across the main bar, food menu is there. You’ll notice the woman with the big….. hair on the wall. ;) You’ll notice the varying electic picture frames and the bending light tubes.kingston-public-kitchen-9

Making cocktails. Sours there.kingston-public-kitchen-10

The front area is simply finished but effective and the exposed brick add some warmth. kingston-public-kitchen-11

We have the birra. kingston-public-kitchen-12

Badabing Mai Tai. I can’t quite read the menu now (lol) DOF. but its got aperol which is why we picked it. Nice crisp and tasty.


House marinated olives and their croquettes (yum).kingston-public-kitchen-14

The menabrea Birra beer and a riverside (parramatta) beer.kingston-public-kitchen-15

Chacha twist. Maker’s mark, cherries. Its stiff and alcoholic. :)


Menu near the bar wall. kingston-public-kitchen-18

Menu scribbled on the front wall. Kingston kitchen serves meals. The food selection is great looking and we will be back. There is a staff meal pick, dessert, cheese plates, gazapacho. Its quite a large menu.


The walls have a random looking selection of artwork/prints.

Kingston Public Kitchen is an awesome addition to the North end of Kingstreet – which admittedly is kind of daggy and dull – now there’s ample reason to wander further north and hang out around here. We really dig KPK, its a great looking new bar with friendly bar staff and good drinks. Its going to be big. We’ll be checking back in for the menu soon.

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