Located in Newtown and adjoining the Newtown Train station is Cuckoo Callay. We’ve been meaning to drop in and check out the venue for oh, the last year or so since its been open. Well, a year on, we check in for a sitdown brekkie at this rather fancy “walk too fast and you’ll miss it” cafe.

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Cuckoo Callay does great passing coffee/commuter trade. Their window kiosk was constantly busy.

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Inside, the use of this large mirror (both sides) made the space look substantially larger – bright and the poppy graphics and colour are cool and urban.

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Its got a modern luxe  look and they use Single Origin Beans here.

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A look at the Cuckoo Callay Breakfast Menu.

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Bubbles that Squeak

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#Hashtag Brown 2.0

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Berets, Stars and Stripes

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Breakfast at Cuckoo Callay is served til 3pm. We eat a selection and the serve for all dishes were plentiful with fresh tasty bites. The duck sausages in the bubble paired well with the savoury pattie and lovers of a good poached egg will love their work. The Berets, Stars and Stripes – Brioche French toast (Maple bacon, peanut caramel, whipped ricotta, cornflakes and maple syrup) was a delightfully large and deliciously dessert like treat.

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Nutella milkshake – this was great. creamy, full of flavour . We don’t normally order milkshake but after the milk-gate at burgerproject, we opted for this. Delicious

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Kate who’s 5 showcases just how large the muffin is at Cuckoo Callay. We thought we were full after the brekkie but there was only crumbs left. Quite nice and went well with the great coffees.

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Cuckootails? Yes Please. You can have bevvies with your meals here as they’re licensed.

This was a rather pleasant breakfast experience at Cuckoo Callay. We sat on the street side on a busy work morning and if people watching is your thing, Cuckoo Callay is where its at. With great breakfast eats and delicious Single O coffees. Don’t rush, sit in and have a meal. We can’t wait to check back in for their lunch menu.

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  1. Lilly Bites

    A trendy cafe with delicious food? Sounds like the perfect combo. The Brioche French toast with the peanut caramel looks amazingg. Do you recall how much it was?