Polka Dot used to be situated at the south end of king street (I believe where Makmak macarons used to be) and was then a place to buy biscuits. It has since relocated to 531 King (opposite New Theatre). Headed up to Union one night and chanced upon the store, and it was the simple effective logo and that cute biscuit cushion that caught my eye. Made a mental note to return so about 4 weeks later, here we are.

Cookies&Milk is Elisabeth Marriner’s new venture and the appearance belies the fact that it’s a café. They have plans for new signage and seats out front so this will become more apparent with time.Right now it kind of looks like a shop and its hard to tell its real identity til you step inside.


Tarts Lunch. They do 2 variety of tarts in this instance so its not all just sweets. There’s savoury as well.



Milk crates, cute cushions… I’d buy one I think…

Simple white space, with a yellow wall at the back with simple effective pictograms. The cookies are presented in various jars out the front and prices vary from $1 to $6.50 for a piece of tart with salad. There’s a cute looking ginger voodoo cookie in the pic there (with the red heart).


A selection of poka dot cookies in their retro display cabinet


Inside seating with again, cute pop colours and a crafty looking moon cushion. Also, more biscuit cushions (this time square ones).


A look at their menu board. The Ice Cream Sandwiches will be ready for summer so when the weather heats up expect em.


You can buy gift jars filled with their well made and rather cute cookies (click on the pic to get an expanded image) You can just about making out the seating in the cafe here. The cold cabinet is just there and it houses drinks and the tarts/cakes.


Nice teas and the coffee I had was good.


Cute mini biscuits in pastels ($1) and a lemon tart. Its gooey inside and the lemon slice on top seems to have been poached.

Video of me cutting the tart.

They let me sneak into the kitchen for shoot the chef. Elisabeth bakes their goodies at the back of the store and while we were there, they brought out various freshly baked goodies.


Cookies+Milk is a brightly lit, happy making café that you might possibly miss as the outdoor seating isn’t there yet. The guy (and gals) who run the shop are quite friendly and the menu is pretty biscuits which both look and taste great and cakey eats as well. During our time there, a group came in with about 8 kids and they seemed to have a good time eating the ninja biscuits and of course milkshakes with the fat candystriped straws (poured into the milk jars). As mentioned, C+M also do savoury tarts so you’ll have a lunch option. As Cookie+Milk (the cafe) is where Polka Dot is housed now, you can also order all manner of special occasion cookies as well as macarons.

Quite a cute cafe, your (inner) kid will love this place.

added: reader sent me an email saying that the moon shaped cushion is called a tortellini cushion and used for breast feeding (Jugs is enlightened!) Thanks Leanne.

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11 Responses

  1. Anais

    The brownies here are AMAZING! Great large room out the back for mums’ groups – lots of pram space. Really lovely welcoming staff.

    • TheJugernaut

      Hi Anais, great point. So C+M is great for mum’s group! :)

  2. Amanda@ChewTown

    Arrgghh! Those biscuit cookies are to die for. I’d definitely buy them. Loving the look of that lemon tart. Great way to serve it with a poached lemon slice on top.