In the spot where Fringe Cafe used to sit is the new Cloud9 Chocolate Cage. The peculiar thing about Cloud 9 is that despite the name, Cloud 9 isn’t quite a Max Brenner Lite but a dessert/gelato bar that sells gelato, gelato sliders, milkshakes, coffees and also treats other dessert treats like waffles with gelato.

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Cloud9ChocolateCafe - Newtown-11


The inside of Cloud 9 is minimal and spacious with a bit of seating round the back. We popped in a couple of times and we were here once during a hot summers day and they had the AC pumping so it was actually a good place to hide away from the heat.

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Inside there’s a gelato display to one side and also brownies/biscuits that they use to put together their gelato sandwiches. You can pick two different biscuits and any of the gelato flavours to make your gelato slider

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Cloud 9’s chocolate part of its names comes from the endlessly flowing chocolate fountain – where you can net a shot of chocolate for a dollar.
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Waffle with gelato also came with a shot of chocolate sauce.Cloud9ChocolateCafe - Newtown-5

Cloud9ChocolateCafe - Newtown-2

Cloud9ChocolateCafe - Newtown-3

A range of treats – there’s a waffle with gelato option, a flourless chocolate cake which was surprisingly light and airy, a brioche bun with gelato inside, brownie gelato slider, and milkshakes.

Cloud9ChocolateCafe - Newtown-11 (2)

We popped in Cloud 9 with 3 boys, 8,6 and 4 and as expected, everything today was a hit. Air con, sweet treats and chocolate shots – check out cloud9 located a 199 King Street.

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