BrewtownNewtown’s our local – a hop skip away and a favourite. We’ve returned enough times over the past year to call this a relationship you can’t quit. There’s a bit of new food so here’s BrewtownNewtown 2.0 and a look at the most popular cafe in Newtown.

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This sesame encrusted tuna is the most pricey thing on their menu – $23. But we loved it with the large slices of tuna just seated on it. Fresh, flavoursome with heaps of crisp green, and a cucumber seaweed salad under. Its a Japanese dish in its overall taste and oh so delicious with the kewpie mayo adding that signature tang.

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Mini Egg Hollandaise Brioche. Perfect softboiled egg, nice bun and a tangy sauce. $9

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Squidink Linguine has generous prawns, shaved parmesan.

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Elvis. This wasn’t in the OG review as they didn’t quite have it. Everything crazy and luxuriant about eating a cronut is married with cheese, bacon and beef. You’d want to try this.

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Salmon, curried israeli couscous and a perfect poached egg. $16.

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And a coffee to finish… ..

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Here’s a chocolate crumble Brewnut/cronut – first introduced over an Easter Long Weekend. Decadent.

BrewtownNewtown won best new cafe recently and its no surprise. Great coffees, attractively priced good food in a venue that continues to energize with the influx of friendly new staff and new fans. Its almost always buzzy and happening in BrewtownNewtown with a crowd outside waiting to get in. There’s heaps of stuff to eat on their extensive menu and a lot of it is priced just right. Even when they get manic, this place never loses it cool. Find time. OG review here

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  1. joshuad

    oh i should have checked their website first. $18.50. mouthwatering pictures :)