Hey, Brewtown is open. Its wildly popular with a 20 minute wait now that word is out. Worth it? Yes. So… Berkelouw books got gutted and I walk past everyday wondering what it was going to be: Signage goes up 7th November one arvo and suddenly its coming together and we’re very excited for this new venue.


This goes up and “oh, its a small bar”.


then this appears and we catch on that Brewtown Newtown is going to gnome’s 2nd spot. So, a month down the line, Brewtown Newtown opens its doors, and delivers up a great cafe experience – full service sit down table service and really stands out by being a fantastic place for coffee and an equally great place to eat.


Brewtown on a Sunday. Packed. 20 minutes wait. Cronuts gone :( The Cafe does what Berkewlouw couldn’t with all the bookshelves – various eateries have tried to pop up inside but have failed (ramen/vegan). By taking over the entire space, Brewtown makes the spaces it own by providing a nice industrial chic environment in which to grab a coffee and catch up. Its also a pleasant large lofty location and the familiarity to those who’ve been in the old berkerlouw books makes the transformation all the more welcome.


Here’s a look at the big bar counter. Its a nice venue that they didn’t have to do too much to and it works.


Trying to think when it was that I dropped in for this meal; possibly pre-word out (1st saturday). Mr Faraday from lost works here. Talk about seperated at birth.


Bit of a high level action shot of people heading in. They have a smallish sweets cabinet near the front.


What brewtown has that Gnome didn’t is space. Ample space. The front table for a big group/communal dining is nice with all the daylighting and fresh botanicals.


Cap. Nice. Good latte art and the coffee’s good.


Nice touch to the cups. The plate similarly has nice designed touches (the gnome print).


A piccolo and their cherry tart. Its good. brewtownNewtown-x02

Macciato and a flatwhite


Duck ravioli. 2x plump raviolis and mushrooms. Its nice and delicious. $16 on the menu. Pricing is great and this is delicious. Might not be eating anywhere soon.brewtown-11

Does that look good? Its not just pretty. Its great eating.


Rabbit, plum and polenta mash. $16. $16???! Its tender and great eating. You’ll be like me: How is this $16? (it could be $15)… then it’d be like how is this $15??!brewtownNewtown-x08

From the breakfast menu (which happens to be all day). 2x poached eggs, field shroom, polenta, truffle oil and shave parmasean. Ate really well and quite delicious You’ll be very happy if you ordered this. brewtownNewtown-x09

Fish + chips with spinach. Again, nice solid piece of fish, great chips and good spinach slaw underneath.


Yup. A cronut. Brewtown comes to the party with a pretty great version of this. I only ever saw the cinnamon encrusted cronut which tasted like a cinnamon donut with croissant insides. This will be added to the cronut quest page soon.

So that’s Brewtown at a glance. Its a great looking cafe that delivers on all fronts. From the service, to the feeling of actually being taken care of while you were inside (they take your order, they top up your water), Brewtown’s crew delivers a really great cafe experience that today, despite it being fully packed, didn’t feel harried or scattery. Food is great and affordable. Most other places, you’ll be paying $18-22 for the mains. Them dishing these out at $16? Wow. Newtown’s hottest new cafe is my new favourite.


Also in the Brewtown “complex” is Oconnell Street Merchants and this is why it makes Brewtown a destination visit. Great local product with some really lovely goods on sale. From Dan 300, tokyo bike, Three One Over,  to a florist here, OCM will also be drawing in the crowds once the Cow Moon Gelato opens here. Yup. Cow Moon. beat the crowds off with a stick then. A great meal at Brewtown, then up for some killer gelato? Yup. Here.

Upstairs at oconnell street merchant. Its a real retail destination.


Dani from Dan300group. Her product is pantoney colours and its all lovely and summery. Got completely buried in the FindersKeepers stallpalooza but here, it made me go “hey these are really nice”.


Earrings, cute bookmarks, lovely stuff.


Florist out the front where all the daylight is. Its great in here. (you can just make out the counter to your left?) Cow Moon Gelato will be going in there.


Tokyo Bike!


Accessories for your tokyo bike.

Quite excited about Brewtown and Oconnell Street Merchant. This is a fantastic use of the old Berkerlouw Bookshop building and already signs are that this is going to be a real success. From the coffee, to the food and the goods here, and the fact that its in one of the most easily accessible suburbs: Newtown. Well, why haven’t you visited? 6-8 O’connell Street. Spot the Guyman Y Gomez and turn down the street.




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