The annual Black Star Pastry Truffle weekend is here! Here’s our 2014 look. We ate the treats at the Newtown Store (Rosebery to follow). There’s 5 items this year! Party at Chris’ you guys. You have sunday to hit this.

Black Star normally has this chocolate tart – this year’s Truffle weekend has the chocolate tart transformed into a truffled caramel tart and its deliciously morish and rich with yummy truffle notes.

The truffled cheesecake in the jar this year (a return of sorts of 2012’s truffle jar) is soft cheesecake, truffles, hazelnuts and edible flowers. Epic. Soft. Crunch from the hazel nuts.


2014’s croque monsieur is great. They actually put a fair bit of truffles in this year and the flavour pervaded the sandwich. We actually had two of these.blackstarpastry-truffleweekend-2014-2
We ended up with 2 of the croque monsieurs (this is a single serve here – we had 4 slices and had to give 1 slice away) as there was so much food. Met a Taiwanese tourist who munched it with eyes wide open in delight :)

Truffled Croquembouches. This came off a tower – video below and like 2012’s version this was the same price ($5) but about twice as big. So easily the best value eat today. BUY A HEAP OF THESE. They’re incredible!

So. yeah, we’ve yet to hit the Rosebery store for the tuffled valronha chocolate mousse cake – that’s later today but yes, you have about 4-5 hours today to eat these baby – The croquembouche tower was ready about midday today. BSP Truffleweekend. You gotta love them for doing this.

So, Tee from made the trip today for us to grab the last item on 2014’s truffle weekend (we did miss one – a s_yeo limited special edition tart) – but we’ll put it here too.



The last item on the menu – which you had to get at the Rosebery store was this Truffle Valrhona Manjari mousse cake by Rose Harding. Its quite an incredible cake – we had the box in our hands and the scent of the truffle perfume pervaded and you can smell it from a distance. The actual cake itself had layers of dense mousse, chocolate shards (very truffley), truffled balls, hazelnuts and liberals dusting of cocoa. Its extremely decadent to eat and worth every cent of the 60 buckeroos we paid for it. Best thing this year followed by the croquembouche. But in a year of overall excellence, its hard to pick a favourite.

so, yeah, this is the one we missed – a Mandarin & truffle crème tarts . Had to get to Aromas at the Rocks – and we literally we, between a rock and a hardplace.  What a great truffle weekend team. Loved that you had specials at each venue.


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3 Responses

  1. Gaby

    The truffled mousse cake definitely gets the prize for most decadent dessert ever.

  2. irene

    Noooo I was actually in Newtown last weekend! I shouldn’t have missed this :(