We popped over to Melbourne this past weekend and stayed at Tune Hotel as guests. The Tune Hotel in Melbourne is a budget hotel accomodation with an ethos of “spend your money on the holiday” and has an online booking feature not dissimilar to the budget airlines where you can choose to opt in on features like wifi/early check in/late check out – which keeps the base room rates down. Savings can then be spent on food, sightseeing, drinks and goodies. There’s also a laundromat (coin operated) here. .You’re also close to the city centre in Carlton (check out the map) – its a quick stroll right into the heart of the Melbourne city. We checked in, and then zipped off to check out St Kildas and took in the sights and eats, hitting Fitzroyvia, Milk the Cow, the pier and St Hotel. We had a great time in Melbourne. The hotel is smartly finished and modern with a cafe in there; rooms feature a king coil bed and the shower features a power shower.
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That red, black motif motif is across the tune hotel space.

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Red and Black colours pop around the venue with a nice lobby space that was filled with chatter from the guests at the cafe. To the side of the main access lift lobby is a bit of a nook you can hang out in. Laundromat just beyond.

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Our room had a nice queen bed, tv and a full sized shower head. Tune is just under 2 years old and the venue looks and feels nice and new. Things we didn’t do. Stay here long, watch tv. In, out and about. Lots to see and do in Melbourne.

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Dishes from St Hotel. Milk the Cow and Fitrovia, 8bit and more. Pics will link to the reviews when active.

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If you’re looking for cost effective accomodation options while down in Melbourne. Check out the Tune Hotel as an option. FYI, we lost the wallet sitting on the couch in the lobby and someone turned it in to concierge. Good Karma to you stranger xxx.

Tune Hotel Melbourne

609 Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053

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