On our last trip down to Melbourne and post that wonderful sicilian meal at Mister Bianco in Kew, we fancied a tipple and chanced our way to Matt Bax’s Bar Economico and it is within Bar Economico that our destination, Bar Exuburante – the bar within a bar sits. This is essential barhopper (we kid you not) and we had an amazing time in here. There’s a no photography policy so but if you wanna check out one of the best bars in Australia, Exuberante is it. It.

Bar Exuberante Economico Richmond (10)Bar Exuberante Economico Richmond (13)

438 Church Street Richmond. At night, its a bit dark, there’s that blue sign and projection of some sorta film with nuns or maids.

Bar Exuberante Economico Richmond (7)

Bar Exuberante Melbourne (3) Bar Exuberante Melbourne (1)

Economico is suddenly full after our time at Exuberante and yes, economico looks like a goodtime.

Bar Exuberante Economico Richmond (5)

Bar Exuberante Economico Richmond (8)

Various shots of Bar Economico. We had a chat with the bartenders here and hearing that we’re from interstate, we got shots of Tequila. Rad.

Bar Exuberante Economico Richmond (9)


Bar Exuberante Economico Richmond (11)

Bar Exuberante Economico Richmond (6)

So behind that door where her leg is sticking out is where Bar Exuberante is (well down the stairs). No pics, so let’s do this without too much spoilers. It’s got cuban music, its a very tiny bar – sits about 14-16 and its quite awesome in the high traditional ala The Grand Budapest hotel. There’s a thing with the welcome mojito granita which amused (sit at the bar) and there’s a great hot and cold pina colada and then there’s the airmail cocktail where you write a stranger somewhere else in the world a letter while having a cocktail. This was high pleasure, very slick and the whole experience of Exuberante tremendous. Nothing like it in Sydney and we can’t wait to go back in.

Superlative stuff.

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