Located in the iconic QVB on the North End is the Fat Buddha yumcha Restaurant. The QVB a fantastic building to be in, sort of grand and heritage listed. Sydneysiders will know it. Its nice. Note: We didn’t dine here via Groupon – they seem to always be doing these deals now. (Note: There’s nothing inherently wrong with Groupon, went to the Little Snail and that was really quite good) . FB However, it’s that kind of a joint in a lot of ways. I came here with a Sydney friend who had moved to Melbourne. It was a catchup lunch. We needed somewhere easy and she had a pram with her. So we came to FB.


Nice big windows, mural and big table.


Decor is okay. Its the venue that makes it.


Sorta posh I guess. Somehow despite its opulence, FB doesn’t quite stack up. The first thing you will quickly catch onto is this – they bring out the food on a platter? I didn’t like that so much. Its a bit disappointing not to be presented with a smorgasbord of dimsums by a cart lady. Variety is also lacking due to this reason. There are carts but the majority of the food is brought out on trays.



siew mai + har gow. 4 of each. Okay but it was kind of lukewarm.


Prawn Toast. Okay eating. Not great like the ones at Palace.


Special order if I recollect or something like that. The ordering system was odd. It wasn’t off a cart and they couldn’t just carrying around platters of these so it came out after she asked us if we wanted these.. .and it was lukewarm … and mostly stalk. Note the rim of residue in the sauce bowl? We did.


Salt Pepper Squid. Okay. Bit rubbery. Sort of more like battered calamari.


Rice Paper rolls with beef. Okay. It just wasn[‘t super fresh and hot like you’d get at other venues.

Not pictured was the mango pancake that they brought out. And you know what, they brought it out with plastic wrap and I was kind of like what is up with this place? Its is unappetising to have to peel it off.  Cling film on your food in what looks like a top dollar restaurant? Alright then.


The item itself was okay although L was like “I miss mango pancake, melbourne places don’t seem to have mango pancakes”. I’m happy for people to send me links so I can forward it to S+L in Melb.

So considering we paid full price – it was expensive and the food was borderline okay, we could have gone elsewhere and had a better meal for the money.


I am non plussed about this place. I’ve also never gone back nor will I. More expensive and worse food. Do yourself + your cohorts a favour, if you’re thinking about grouponing, don’t. That extra couple of dollars nets you a superior dining experience at SkyPhoenix and Palace.

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