If you’re on Instagram and a bit of a foodie, its highly likely that at some point in time you’d have ended up following @jimmysburgers and somewhere down the line; you’d have read about the Easey’s burger popup. And just that bit later, in the last week of April 2015, Easey’s opened their official venue in Collingwood Melbourne. Not knowing what to expect – not even the trains we wandered over from Fitzroy and spotted them trains in the horizon and kind of went “wow”. Melbourne, yup you Sydneysider you, we’re not in Sydney anymore. The things you can build here. Easey’s is a 5 storey burger complex. Yup. We didn’t get that wrong. Easey’s spans 5 storeys (3rd – the spot where the kitchen is). There’s various bars around the venue where you can grab yourself a drink. They take reservations; for good reason. If you’re visiting Easey’s, you’ll want them hot seats up top (sits 37-40) in the repurposed Melbourne Trains and the views out across the city. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere.

Easeys Collingwood (24)

The building’s been custom built to sit the custom Melbourne Trains – Easey’s has the module on the far right and the “beer garden spaces” where the guys are standing.

Easeys Collingwood (27)

A floor by floor guide to Easey’s. There’s Fare (raw food cafe), the level 2 dining gallery, level 3 is the kitchen but there’s also a few areas to sit and eat, and 4’s the trainyard level.

Easeys Collingwood (14)

Easeys Collingwood (13)

Easeys Collingwood (15)

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Easey’s was packed today when we dropped in, across the floors there were people having burgers and the fitout is a mix of graffiti and tags. There’s videogames tables to the one side. On the ground level the colour palette is shades of yellow, black and whites echoing the Easey’s logo.

Easeys Collingwood (26)

Also on the street level (G) round the back is FARE  with it’s raw food menu housed in the Easey’s complex. It’s a “Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant“.

Easeys Collingwood (12)

Yes, there’s also a level 2 dining space area. with plenty of spots to grab a seat, settle in for a night of burgs.

Easeys Collingwood (22)

You can access the entire complex via the stairwells.

Easeys Collingwood (8)

Level 3 is where the kitchen is located and its a buzzy area with lots of burger flipping action happening. As mentioned, there’s also an outdoor dining space here.

Easeys Collingwood (11)

Spotted on the counter, a too easey’s burger.

Easeys Collingwood (21)

We landed ourselves a spot on the driver side end of the top level train.

Easeys Collingwood (18)

Easeys Collingwood (3)

Easeys Collingwood (2)

Between the carriages, you can sit in the “beer garden”.

Easeys Collingwood (7)

Easeys Collingwood (20)

We ordered a too easey, an easey cheesey and a rowdy double cheeseburger (all doubled of course – pricing $11-12) as we smashed into their menu. Fries, potato cakes and deep fried dim sum to be demolished in a train. You can check out their menu here.

The three sides we opted to have: the potato cakes($2), deep fried simsums ($4) and fries ($6) were all rather good and reminded us of cornershop milkbar eats. Can’t quite recall the last time we ate a potato cake or a deep fried dim sum this side of mr wongs, timhowan and din tai fung. Good serves and pricing on these too.

Easeys Collingwood (4)

Easeys Collingwood (5)

One of the things we noted about the Easey’s burgers were their buns and the yellow tint in them – its a potato bun and it’s denser than what most sydneysiders will be used to if they’re regulars to Mary’s, PubLife or even Burger Project.  With nice medium beef inside the patty, the double Easey Cheesy was a delicious burger, well seasoned and great feed. This was a $11 (8+3) burger. which makes it excellent value.

Easeys Collingwood (9)

The rowdy double cheeseburger is their “spicy burger” with jalapenos, bacon, pickels and glorious melted cheese. It’s a punchier bite than the Easey Cheesy. $12

Easeys Collingwood (6)

Easey’s donut of the day today has pink frosting. MMmm.

Easey’s in Collingwood is about a month old and already an iconic Melbourne venue. The combination of Burgers and the building in which it is housed makes it a real foodie destination. We rather enjoyed our time here and marvelled at the construct in which it sat. This is a very Melbourne situation – not sure what other councils would have approved the building. A fantastic amalgamation of style and food. Great eating burgers at good prices. Essential.


48 Easey St Collingwood, VIC 3066


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  1. Gourmet Getaways

    What a fun concept they have! Love the exterior, and even the interior. Love the playful names they have on the menu, too :)

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx