Dropped in Dench’s when I was in melbourne: visiting a friend. Its located in North Fitzroy and for the sense when entering the cafe was that it was a fairly decent mod aus cafe.

We came for brunch; Lin+Mum had their aussie breakfasts – one with sunnyside/one with scrambled eggs and it looked good. The menu is one of those where you order a main; with stuff like bacon + accomplainments on the side.


I order the deconstructed eggs benedict as it sounded fairly fancy. What I got was perfectl poached eggs, sauce in a jug, and some sort of ham/pork terrine with pickles in it. The flavour was a bit mellow – a lot more subdued than the real deal ; would have loved a bit more intensity ala bacon – etc breakfasy but it was interesting to look at and eat.

The cafe had a pleasnt vibe with cool furniture pieces made from old basketball courts. And the service, was excellent. We had an infant with us and the staff were super accomodating and the 2 waiters were very friendly.


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