Guestblogger @toneteetone liked @burgertheory so much that he tracked it down twice.



Burger Theory Truck at two locales in Adelaide. And queues.

Burger theory was the first food truck to hit the streets of Adelaide 2 years ago (a venerable lifetime in food truck years)

They setup for lunch throughout the week in various alley ways across the CBD between 11ish and 2 and keep their fans in the loop as to their whereabouts on their fb and twitter page – certainly keeps things exciting and makes the weekly (or daily) pilgrimage for delicious burger goodness a little less daily grind. I have to say I did experience my own privately contained moment of elation as i glimpsed their vibrantly graffiti adorned mobile kitchen as I turned onto divett pl off flinders st today. A few ecstatic giddy moments later I’d placed my order and joined the throng of burger cohorts comprising of fellow suits and urbanites in anticipation.

The menu is no nonsense simple:
A 100% coorang Angus beef patty ground daily and served in a glazed bread top bun accompanied by one of two variations of fillings

1 standard iceberg lettuce, tomato, American cheese and truck sauce
2 fancy crispy pancetta, onion confit, and Adelaide blue cheese sauce

Coupled with the usual option for fries and drinks as sides

I’ll safely assume that the more then a little fancy sounding burger number 2 is a killer going on the fact it had run out by the time we got there

Which leaves us with burger number one. Simply. Mind blowingly amazing.

A bun that’s mildly sweet and caves softly as you bite into it and into the deliciously simple fillings and eventually the nexus of familiar yet intriguing palette of flavours that is the Angus patty and accompanying truck sauce – It’s soft, rich, yet simple, cooked medium, the daily grounding of the beef results in a patty of a heavenly melt in your mouth softness with enough occasional crispiness to make for an intricate textural experience. The sauce completes the palate and complements the patty perfectly

If ever visiting radelaide, I would list burger theory as a must eat alongside the famed barossa. There’s a reason burger theory has reached this milestone age whilst continuing to grow its dedicated cohort – and it isn’t one that can be supplanted with the imagination, taste is its only worthy testimony


Here’s a look a the other side with the cute art. I quite like their logo on the backtruck.



J: sounds good! I also took this good old chap to Mary’s in Newtown and he wasn’t as infatuated by the burger. Does what is widely proclaimed as Sydney’s best burger not meet up to the ones from Adelaide’s stalwart foodtruck? Golly.

Follow @burgertheory and chase up this foodtruck when you’re in adelaide.

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  1. I Only Eat Desserts

    radelaide :) love burger theory and their glorious food – have you tried out pearl’s diner? a restaurant opened by the same guys but with more food and waffles