Yayoi is a Japanese Teishoku Restaurant and does a bustling trade selling bento styled eats (Teishoku/Set Meals) at lunchtime for the lunch crowd in the area. They’re bringing 2x Degustation styled dinners to the Restaurant and we were invited to dinner. The Kayaba (11 courses) and then there’s the  Yozakura (7courses).

The Yayoi fitout is a fairly clean affair with subtle lighting, dark leather seats and timber flooring. There’s a clean modernism here.

We love our plum wines. Such easy drinking and so floral

We’re here for the Kayaba ($80) for the 10 dishes. Add an extra $20 and you get accompanying wines or sake (1 drink/2 courses) – so about 5 drinks. Its all seriously great value.

A progression of eats down the menu – there’s Yayoi’s appetiser, seared beef salad, salmon carpaccio, littleneck clams steamed in sake, salmon teriyaki, pork katsu and the egg plant cooked in miso. We particularly loved the clams and eggplant and could easily eat a serving sized of these. There’s a subtly to the flavours that allowed the ingredients to stand on its own. Pork Katsu was crispy and really nice too.

The Waygu Shabu Shabu course was a delight being really delicious and a nice treat. By the end of the meal, the broth was full of flavour. This was great.

The other main sized dish was yayoi’s rice, eel, egg dish and it came with a little pot of gently steamed chiwanmushi. Eel was tender and had a nice sweet soy glaze. Chiwanmushi (steamed egg) was lightly set and delicious

The Yayoi Kabaya dinner (There’s also a cheaper option at $60 with less courses) – was great value. We actually started the first few courses thinking “where’s the value” as some of the first few eats were small – but as the meal progressed – it built up to the rather fantastic shabu shabu and then the rice/eel dish which were fairly substantial. This reminded us of the time at pinbone when we thought “oh small eats, will we be full?” – but we were busting when done. At Yayoi, the Kabaya is a bit of food and you’ll love this. We were full when dinner was over so this is not of those dinners. Desserts were also very nice -a good matcha icecream and mochis. Well worth your time if you feel like a refined Japanese styled degust. The dinner was about 2.5 hours.


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