Located in the city centre near rydges square is Yasaka Ramen. With a tagline of No Ramen No life, this new player to the Ramen scene in Sydney is surprisingly good – with a Tonkotsu based broth that was rich, flavoursome and delicious. Priced well, with a smokey, torched charsu (should you choose that dish) its quite delicious and sits in the pantheon of Ramen places you really need to check out. It’s really quite good.

Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD (11)
Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD (7)
Yasaka is a 2 storied affair – there’s counter seating downstairs with more conventional dining room upstairs. Its also air conditioned so no quibbling about eating ramen in summer.

Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD (10)
Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD (9)
Freshly made noodles, and a look at their menu – all broths tonkotsu based (pork bone) with options for Shoyu/Shio and Miso. There’s also other sides like katsu, karaage, gyozas and takoyaki (which is a big option here). There’s also Tonkotsu curry rice and Don Rice dishes.

Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD (6)
Takoyaki Balls (octopus inside) – $10 for these Negi Ponzu Mayo ones. Came pipping hot and freshly made. Good value and easily sharable.

Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD (8)
Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD (2)
Yasaka Ramen - Sydney CBD (5)

So here’s the ramen dishes. As mentioned, the configurations on the menu diversify on the basis of the flavouring with the tonkotsu and these are delicious. We quite liked Yasaka and think they’re going to do great trade with good prices, and that yummy morish light gravy broth. Get this winner in your belly.

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