Never underestimate the power of the burger. Ume Restaurant in SurryHills is a fine dining degustation styled Japanese Restaurant by chef Kerby Craig. Today (22/03/15) marks their second burger popup – 140 Burgers for the masses and yes there was a queue. Burger Fever is still very much holding Sydney at Bay. So what’s here? Japanese burgs. There’s 3 – an Ebi Katsu Burger (Prawn), the Ume Burger (beef) and a Tonkatsu Burger (pork). Also available; fries with kombu salt and karage chicken.
Ume Burger Popup - Surry hills (8)
Oh you Sydney!

Ume Burger Popup - Surry hills (6)
They started service with 20 bums at a time. We were no. 21-24 which meant a short wait.

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(L) Umeshu (R) Yuzu Soda.

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Shio Kiso Karage. We thought this was possibly mushroom karage but what came was a rose scented chicken karage that we ate with the kewpie mayo.


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Ume Burger Popup - Surry hills (2)
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We had 4 burgers – there’s the standard Ume ($14), Ebi ($14), Tonkatsu ($14), a double Ume ($19 – 14+5). The base price of all the burgers were set at $14. Of the ones we had, there was a definite preference for both the Umes and the Ebi. The Ume has a savoury wagyu mince and tomatoe slice on it; so it really was beef on beef on beef in the double. Cooked medium, Ume’s Ume Burgers were the best of the trio being a juicy umami burger which ate too easily. That savoury mince added a tang and twist to what would otherwise be just another burger and makes it it’s own. The buns were also pillowy soft and held up well. We also like the Prawn/Ebi Burger which was crumbed and deepfried. It had ample prawn bits which you could see in the patty. Nothing quite like it in town. We noted the oversized canape style foodboats.

Kombu Fries. We also ordered Fries with Kombu Salt. It was a favourite of the table who thought the kombu added that something extra.

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One of the features of Burgers is the quick in-and-out nature. It didn’t take us long to devour our burgers and when we left, here’s the queue left. Takeaway on the Ume Burger Experience? Get there early, order the Umes and Ebis. To find out when that next pop up is happening follow Kerby Craig on the instagrams @kerbstarr.

Ume Restaurant

478 Bourke St  Surry Hills, NSW  2010

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