I’ve worked in the Sydney CBD forever and only just recently finally got round to grabbing a nice big bowl of Ramen from Ton Ton’s… and I’m already a convert.

Located under Lumiere and situated in labryinthian passages, lies TON TON, a pretty great japanese ramen+DON eatery. Most of the mains could be had for under a tenner (great value) and while the super spicy (4 chilli) ramen + some of the rice dishes maxes out at $15.

The karage don/ramen/tonkatsue broth dishes are all substantial in portions with a great, tasty broth, with a fair amont of meat/seaweed and other yummy bits. The pics don’t lie. It looks great and tastes great.


Ichiban Boshi, you have seriously competition. Whats even better about TON TON is that you don’t have to get a ticket and queue at Ichiban Boshi, and you end up saving a couple of bucks on top too.
Highly Recommended. Oshhhiii
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