Toko Paddington is back under original management and as part of their relaunch, they’re doing a $3 all plate special (for the week too!!) and we rocked up happy to test drive new-old toko. Its a great marketing campaign, The email chain that it landed in my inbox, did the rounds.


Toko – Sushi on Oxford. Its located right across the road from the church in paddington (where the markets is).


Toko is  a long lineal space with a conveyor belt splitting it in half in the middle. Its a simple clean space. Despite the fact that it is a full house tonight with constant queues lining up to get in, there was constantly fresh new things on the train and pretty much everything on the menu was great. We ate a lot of the menu and from start to finish in a sit down dinner lasting about an hour and a half, they brought out new stuff  (maybe the guys nearer the kitchen ate all the other stuff) but we even got oysters, pork belly and a killer chicken thigh cutlet.


Soft shell crab. Delicate and delicious


Plump, fresh, yum. I could have easily eat a load of these except this came at the tailend of our diner and I was gut bustingly full. No one else from my dinner party likes oyster. /shockface


sushi roll with crumbed chicken + avo.


Salmon Belly (?). Excellent cut of fish. Fresh and delicious


Eggplant with sweet/sticky (miso). This was tender, soft and pull apart goey and a favourite of my aqua/vego mate.


Tofu with avocado (salsa) on top. Delicate, fresh and light.


Pork Gyoza. Delicious. Pretty sure the diners near the kitchen ate the lot, these were the only ones that made its way out to us near the middle.


Deep Fried Mozarella.


Crunchy lotus root. M ate a whole lot of these plates. fresh cubes of tuna underneath.


chicken thigh cutlet with chili mayo. Freshly out of the fryer, the chicken is juicy and the crumbed breading is excellent.


Pork Belly with what tasted like sriacha. Super delighted to see this appear. Late in the dinner and it was good!

Here’s the instagram video

Food tonight was univerally excellent and importantly fresh. Aforementioned mate was a purveyor of sushi, and he thought (as I did) that the meal was top notch. We had asahi beers with the food and it complemented the food well. Stream of food was constant (see video). Great time had by all and fellow diners were also friendly.

So, Toko was packed and there was a constant stream of diners headed in for the re-launch special. We came as a group of 4 and it was kind of tricky with these things considering how seating went (there was a queue out the door and its definitely worth the wait), the staff here made a great effort to seat us so we ended up opposite our mates. Now that’s service. Staff was attentive with the beers and the front of house lady was cordial, efficient and friendly.

Toko Paddington is a literally a bright spot on oxford/paddo (what with all the vacant shops). Go ahead. Go eat.

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  1. milkteaxx

    oooh yummy! too bad i dont tihnk ill be able to get tere before the end of the week tho!