So Ton Ton ‘s gone. :( I liked it a lot. Well, in its place, an almost similar place except you get ramen. Ramen and fried foods. This is a mappen joint so the standard rules apply – pick a main, pick a size, pick a soup, then pick some sides, a drink and cold sides and then travel down the line, pay and get some condiments with. Its efficient. I was at Ichibanboshi at the Galleries the other day (foodcourt one) and even with a buzzer, the wait was long. This conga line moves faster.

The street sign look. Didn’t notice the Oiden + Mappen signs before but hey, there they are.


The TenkoMori eating area – you can also sit at chanoma – I went went the joint was opening but chanoma (wasn’t open then – it is now)


Queues and layout of the shop


Menu look at. Max price of a ramen dish there is $8.30 – The have also added rice dishes.


Tonkatsu ramen in bone broth. Milky. Not a porky and gooey  as gumshara – the soup was fairly liquid and the ramen dish was decent to eat.


Tenkomori – egg wasn’t quite gooey but the soup here was the miso version and it was quite nice to eat. Again, the prices won’t break the bank.


Deep fried tofu and oct balls. The former I’ll give a miss but the latter ain’t bad. I’ve also had their crumbed porkcutlets which was really good.

Tenkomori is affordable good quality ramen dishes, and now that word has spread – expect to meet a hearty queue of diners lining up to get their ramen fix (too late, this has already happened). At these prices, its hard to beat. Quite funny to read some reviews where people decry this as as a menya ripoff when its by the same guys. This is a $10 meal more or less. Great value.

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  1. milkteaxx

    i quite liked this place including the curry ramen but the tonkatsue didnt feel very porky!