Good Food Month is upon us once again and with it, the 4th iteration of the Night Noodle Markets. This year, Hyde Park plays hosts to over 35 stalls from delicious Reorderlig Ciders, that strange new hype phenom the Ramen Burger, Mamak, East Ocean, Jackie M and more. Its a guaranteed night out under the stars and with 1 week to go, I’d be racing to the Night Noodle Markets.


The CitiVIP area. citibank customers have this private oasis in the “can be” manic night market. Its quite lovely actually.


Under the pretty blanket of fairy lights, here you can get concierge service and seats – while the citi-staff head out to source you your eats making the NNM experience a lot more pleasant. Here you can tell the concierge to head out and grab your food from their menu – east ocean, ding tai fung and cititruck are available.


Gary Mehigan, Citibank Dining ambassador drops in for a chat. He’s exactly how he appears on telly. Jovial. He’s collaborating with Eat Art Truck and a few of his dishes are being served out of cititruck.


Gary’s Eat Art Truck / Citi Truck menu item, a morish Beef Brisket roll. Its delicious of course.



Order East Ocean’s Jumbo Box and this is what you get, Pic 1+2. The jumbo box gives you loads of fried squid, prawns, salt pepper pork, dumplings (about 8) and 2 duck pancakes. Great value and a good eat. This was a fav of the night.


East Ocean fried Rice, nice seperate grains of rice and good prawns too. Those 2 pork buns are also delicious. Reorderlig Cider on the side, its really easy to drink


I instagrammed these 2 eats. Gary’s food with Citi Truck. Crispy Nachoy dish with King Fish and a nice asian slaw. The Pork Belly also had great flavours.

East Ocean’s Duck Pankcakes were so good that we had to have more. 8 to be exact. Loved that you can order them at the NNM.


Guests in the citiVIP area. To enter, you will need to present either your Citibank Credit or Debit card or quote the Citi code word to their Maitre de. Confessions. I have a card. Heh. :)


On our return trip to eat the menu, the sun sets and all the pretty colour comes to play. Hyde Parks Canary Palms being lit.


Rekorderlig cider has a nice outdoor area to chill and drink their easy tasty ciders.

citi-NNM2013-15 citi-NNM2013-17

The throngs of sydney siders out having queuing for food at the Night Noodle Market


Hey, East Ocean was so good, we headed back on another night. Their Jumbo box is $30




$36 all up but everything here was good to eat (we did come back to East Ocean) and the mango pancakes were still chilled after sitting there while we ate the rest of the food.


So… yeah this are the 2 respective and longest queues at the NNM, one for the Ramen Burger, and one for Mamaks. We’re wish we were queuing for Mamaks… because..


Ramen Burger eh? Latest food craze eh? As good as Zumbo’s Cronuts?


Nope. We’d call it the “blah”ger, Wasn’t good to eat. Some people might find the novelty interesting but its good food month and this was not (good food that is). Ramen was like crusty, beef was okay but didn’t dig the sauce which tasted like cheap chilli sauce. And those mysterious bits of salad and fruit that went with it? $12.50. I’d save the money on other eats. You’ll save time and money. Go queue at Mamaks if you have to :).


Feijai had no queues.  #headscratch


4 large king prawns in a delicious chilli sauce which was quite morish. Wish we knew what was in that sauce.


These lanterns are part of art and about and make for a great place to come grab some happy snaps. Its pretty and prettier still once the sun goes down.


If you’re at the Night Noodle Markets, chances are the lion dance will drop by.


Jackie M Malaysian is quite good. I’d eat here happily. We’ll be back for the rest of the NNM this week. Great Fried Radish Cake, CKT, Nasi Lemak and more.  Near the lantern side of HydePark. citi-NNM2013-24

Outside of EAT ART TRUCK, this year’s night noodle market didn’t feature any other food truck but this was here.

Night Noodle Markets presented by Citi is in its final week and closes the 26th. There’s a great variety of eats here and a lot of it is pretty good. Bring a crew with you so you can grab some seats or better yet, bring a friend with a Citibank Credit/Debit card and experience what it feels like to be a #citiVIP. Its easy enough. Jugernauts recommends Mamak, JackieM, East Ocean, Rekorderlig, FeiJai and of course citiTruck/Eat Art Truck (they’re almost always good).


Eat Art Truck on UrbanspoonFei Jai on Urbanspoon

East Ocean Restaurant on UrbanspoonDin Tai Fung on Urbanspoon

Jugernauts dined as guests of Citi courtesy of LiquidIdeas . We also returned on our own reconnaissance as the Night Noodle Markets are just a great night out.

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      Hello, saw your pics on instagram. Yah, its good! delicious eats. :)