So I blogged a little about hana hana and made comments about menya mappens lack of rice curry dishes and was informed by Christine from cookingcrusade that oiden does curry dishes. So instead of the scheduled return to hana hana, we ended up at oiden for lunch.Oiden is located at 537-551 George Street, if you see Pepper Lunch, Paul’s warehouse, enter the building and Oiden’s the one on the right.

Replace udon/soda dish with rice based dishes (curry rice-meat with rice) and that’s basically oiden.¬† menu at a glance

Oiden’s Kushiage bits. Breaded fried bits. Price Point is cheap.

I will make the observation now and will probably head back and edit the hana post but the fried bits here¬† seriously make the hana stuff seem like poor value proposition. It’s at least a dollar cheaper here for all items u can pick. And it looks better/more appealing too. And considering that everything in the above pic is deep fried, non of them looked grease clogged.

various cold bits in the cold cabinet.

This is the dining space. communal tables, long benchs. Its a fairly busy eatery and you’ll be sharing tables.


grilling chicken

Oroshi Chicken with side of salmon wing

The dish had Japanese short grain rice in it and had a tangibly sticky bite to it while the chicken was well seasoned and tender. I picked the salmon wing and wished I hadn’t as unlike pretty much 99% of the items I coulda pick, this was quite hard to eat and was full of boney bits. But I did pick it.


Kimchi rice and matcha milk tea. KOB’s meal was a nice mix of spicy kimchi plus beef. Again, good to eat. The matcha is creamy and greenteay – like a melted green tea ice cream. Not bad

Half way through the meal, we doused the dishes we had with sriracha chilli and it kick the flavour and palette challenge up a notch. Added tanginess and a fiery bite. Mmmm. Sriracha is my favourite new condiment.

They have a zipindustries (I’m guessing here) water tap here so u can get water (hot or cold). Fancy


Oiden had good food and like mappen/hana is cheap. Well, worth a visit. This was a detour to eat some sort of curry rice dish but I ended up eating something else. Will be back.


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4 Responses

  1. Christine @ Cooking Crusade

    Teehee glad you liked it! how good is that matcha iced tea, i’m sooooo addicted. and I love the cute little water taps at the end for self serve drinks, very handy! Looks like you got to sample some tasty goodies.. I am a curry addict so usually order the same thing but looks like they have other yummy menu items too :)

  2. Tina

    :) Great variety, more than just decent food, and for a very cheap price: that’s definitely a must-visit place! And by the way, lucky me for stumbling across this quite new yet very nice blog! I really like your choice of layout and your very appealing pictures. You should make a facebook fan page :)

  3. admin

    Hi Tina, thanks for your kind words! I do have a facebook page but … lol. too many things to update and try to wrap my head around. Yes, Oiden was pretty good. Near work too so I expect that I’ll be back again to try more of their menu.

  4. admin

    @ Cristine… Yes, will be back to try their japanese curries. I actually have 3 packets of those instant ones in my cupboard but I rarely cook – but I love it. A nice japanese curry with a tonkatsu or chicken cutlet? heaven!