Discovered Menya Mappen ages ago during a lunch time wander. This is a great place to grab a cheap delicious eat. The premise here is simple, order one of the selection of noodle+egg+size combos – have it hot or cold, then pick from a selection of tempura-goodies to eat with. and you have a nice cheapish meal – about $11 for a large noodle + 2 bits of tempura – that is quite delicious.

queueing to get to the noodle guys. The space is simple but the japanese style posters and the dark wood furniture help to make the shop intimate and warm feeling. Its definitely done just enough to not make MM feel too basic.

you pick a noodle/dish. HOT OR COLD. They get it to you in under a minute. Very efficient these boys.

deep fried happiness


heavenly fried things. octopus takiyori (?) fish/sweetpotato/chicken/prawn/vegetable clusters

riceballs and such

an array of condiments. tempura sauce

bukkake soba hot. with just cooked egg so that the yolk is still runny. Once you break the egg, the whole dish is a slurpy delicious eat. Its all soft so the tempura-ed elements add much needed texture.

tempura sweet potato, tempura prawn

udoon bukkake hot. with condiments

tempura fish thing and octopus ball.

MM is super cheap. And a great place to eat with food that combines great value and flavour. Sometimes, when you’re sick of ramen/ichibanboshi/karage things elsewhere, MM’s noodle dishes aren’t quite like the rest. different but good.

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