Ippudo opened in sydney and a week into the opening, Jugernauts dropped by for lunch.


A glance at the price guide from the outside hints at the priciness of the food. with entree (pork bun) and a main – this is going to be a $25+ meal with some sides (gyoza, drink and a pork bun).


Ippudo is fantastically kitted out and a modern japanese eatery – you can see in the tasteful decor, the elaborate work put into the sinewave timber batten roof – its appealing in its light level, taste level and finish. Sit at the right spot – you can also check out the chefs working away on your meals in the kitchen. There are communal tables and also booths


Ippudo often has queues. Hence the velvet rope – you can also opt to have drinks at their front bar.


Dining at Ippudo is also a fairly amusing, albeit noisy affair – enter, and the restaurant staff all (more or less) cry out welcome in japanese. Leave and they similar greet your departure with a caphony of greetings. Thing is, Ippudo is popular, so – this was constant and added a certain liveliness to the venue. Kind of lively and perky. You can see the large communal tables in this shot.


Gyozas. smaller than expected and decent. Never quite get the odd number serves. If you share this, someone is one out unless you halve it.


Ramen. You do get to specify the level of doneness on your noodles which is nice. It wasn’t a huge serve for the price but rather delicious and the reason why they’re madly popular.


Prawn Bun – this was decent – albeit tasting like it was somewhat underseasoned – they do let the prawn’s natural flavour shine I guess but the bun itself was somewhat tasteless. The sauce they had on it (which looks like it has chilli didn’t taste like very much) Read that the pork buns are better – should have had that.

Dining at Ippudo was good fun.  The liveliness of the space makes it worth checking out. You do pay a slight premium for fitout and the fact that it’s in a westfields. Good tasty Ramen in the city in a readily accessible locale. We’ve been back a couple of times and its a welcome addition to the sydney ramen scene.


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