On our way up to Buns and Balls the other night, we chanced upon Harajuku Gyoza. The logo is this big smiley gyoza and it all looks super kawaii. It has been a while since we ate not-ramen or not-sushi for japanese so it’s time for a visit. Back to the Cross we go, 2 nights later.


Harajuku Gyoza from the streetside. Oh, you so cute Harajuku Gyoza.




The venue is a intimately lit restaurant, with walls littered with these decorative plates. They’re all different, and are customised. You’ll note this when you sit down as well.


We had to flip the photo each way around to get the text to speak right. Sip! Yum! Hai!


A close up look at their plates. They didn’t just buy these. And I think they’re really cool.


You can just about make out the little harajuku gyoza logo there. A really nice touch there.


Their chicken karage came lightly batter, succulent and tasty.


Agedashi tofu in a delicious broth. Really enjoyed this.


Prawn Gyozas. Skin is tender and fresh and each gyoza contains a whole plump prawn. Very nice


Edamame. What’s japanese dining if you don’t order these?


Duck Gyozas. Very nice. 5 to the plate


Winner of the evening was their pork belly. You’re going to have to be happy to consume some fat. Very tender, full of flavour and amazing on the palate. Died and gone to heaven. Would. Would. Would.


This is new to their Menu and its their lobster tail gyozas. Premium and light.


The petite waitress is here with the sake. We’re taking a photo but following this, we’re cracking up.


They served Sake in these and the pour was generous and you’ll be pouring sake back. Each order is about 1 1/2 glasses of sake.


You can elect to sit at the island bar and this allows you to check out what’s happening in the kitchen.


Ample seating and then some.


Looking back across the diner.

What makes Harajuku Gyoza so much fun to eat at is the craziness that happens whenever you ordered a sake. We didn’t really understand what was happening and it kept happening throughout service but its totally worth ordering drinks here just for the waitress to run over with that oversized bottle of sake and then… yeah. We cracked up, and so did the people at the next table. Its all good fun of course. Food was delicious and everything we had tonight was really good. So much so, that we kind of had no room for their dessert gyozas (Yup that’s right dessert gyozas). Highly recommended for a good night out, just don’t forget to order sake. ;)

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  1. Sara | Belly Rumbles

    The size of the sake bottle is not unusual in Japan (quite normal). Is nice to see they are filling the sake glasses/cups as you should be as well.