Gumshara’s word of mouth travels. I wasn’t really planning to eat here but i wandered in one time after reading one food blogger or another about the amazingly authentic pork/thick soup ramen. So I wandered down during lunch and got myself a bowl of Tonkatsu Noodle. While they make it I had a look at the stall; foodhall gumshara is in; its pretty bad but these things are relics of their time and yeah, lets get back to talking about the dish.

So the stock is made of 120kg of pork bones + marrow and the collagen from the bone melts into the soup and becomes this thick saucey soup. It says on the placard they have up that its full of collagen and great for your skin. I’ll just order it to smear on my face then.

Taste. The Gumshara Ramen is full on porky. I was a bit; no make that a lot surprised. I don’t think people every really write up on flavour. It tasted like pig. I thought it was a bit of an acquired taste; even though i love a good pork roast – what with it being so strong tasting; every mouthful was like inhaling pig. When I got to the bottom of my bowl, and I did, I was kind of glad the experience is over.

Did I like it? I can’t tell; the first couple of mouthfuls were a surprise. The accompaniments like the ginger did help a little. The noodles were really nice and had perfect consistency. And the slices of pork were lightly flavoured and delicious. I might have to revisit this and order a coke zero as accompaniment.

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