Sometime earlier this year, there was a bit of a change at Regents Place with Ton Ton moving out of its old digs (now TenkoMori – Ramen).. and Azuma Patisserie also went (and relocated across the road). In Azuma’s place is now Chanoma: a shop that sells japanese hotdogs with matcha drinks and softserves. It’s quite cheap with decent dogs and good friendly people manning the counter.




Brightly lit shop with backlit signage. Condiments on one side, water the other.


faux stickered vines, a look at the space. mirrors. could have maybe used some cushions?


so with the order, you pick a sausage for your bun. The spanish sausage actually has a bit of spice kick which I didn’t expect for a place like this.


I got here a bit earlier than my dining companions so ordered the meat lovers dog (chorizo) and a matcha shake. I think its about $11 all up. Its cheap. Didn’t eat this with any extra condiment and it was quite good. The beef mince was well flavouredĀ  while the sausage was surprisingly good: Chorizo sausage had some chili kick. I got to say, for a $5.50 eat, I was impressed. Matcha drink was nice. I’ve already stirred in the dollop of whipped cream on top in this shot.

Matcha drink with whipped cream on top. Quite nice and a change from a frappuchino or boost if you get those. It is not grossly sweet so bonus points there.


Cheese dog, more meatlovers and a chanoma dog.


Chanoma dog, Japanese meat curry underneath and a kranksy dog. I really do prefer the chorizo one.


Another meat lovers. The mayo sauce is liberally doused.

chanoma8 .

Cheese dog. This was S and she thought it was too cheesy but I thought it looked like heaven. Basically a chanoma dog with cheese on top.


Seaweed fries. The girls were raving about this. It was crispy and nice.

and oh, this soft serve is $2.90 and it is a matcha/green tea one and it rocks. I’d come back just for this.

Chanoma is Japanese Hotdogs unlike most that you’ll have and you can get a decent enough feed for about $10. Recommended just for the soft serve. Its pretty great.
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