Asakusa Japanese is located along the northern side of Newtown at 119 Kingstreet. It fills in 2 Newtown shopfronts so it must be doing something right what with the astronomical rents in the area. The price guide on the good means that asakusa serves somewhat decent japanese meals/bento at a wallet friendly price. The food is decent. The restaurant has nominally no acoustic properties (nothing really in it to soak up the noise) so its just a big noisy space.


When we visited, the restaurant is already quite packed. Its a popular venue for locals.

This is the 2nd part of the restaurant. Its a fairly simply finished  restaurant. Nothing too fancy.


A look at their price guide for drinks. Reasonable.


Katsu Bento. Lots of things to eat in here. About $11-15 depending on what you order. The Salad is a bit of a mish mash of veg but the other things were decent enough eats.


Other Bento – this was the chicken katsu with silken tofu. There’s a piece of salmon skewer too (which is a bit dry). Tofu was okay.


a look at the octopus balls things.


So we ordered drinks and the waitress waddled over with this glass of red filled to the rim and I sat facing the kitchen so I saw her slide over gingerly. It was full and the second she put it down, it went all over the table. How about just using a bigger glass?

Food was decent. Not going to blow you mind but the price won’t blow a hole in your wallet either. Its affordable Japanese designed to appeal to the cost conscious diner. My friend who’d never been here said that he’d never return – he’s a bit more finicky than I am I guess. I don’t mind it too much and some people want to pay about $11-20 for japanese and call it a night. Nothing wrong with it – its not pretending to be anything more.

Noisy Popular Japanese featuring bentos with lots of things to eat in Newtown.

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