The CarriageWorks Everleigh Markets happens every Saturday and is housed in the shedlike yard that adjoins the carriageworks.

This is a definite food lovers market – you have artisan cheese, dips, flats, speciality sweets, quality baked goods and all manners of other high quality fresh produce.

There is also butchers here that sell really top quality beef + duck. The duck breast I bought; seared 3 minutes each side with some seasalt was amazing.


There is also plenty of reasons to return to the markets as the stalls change and what might be here one week, will be replaced by another next week. Spring is coming, apples are in season now; and there were 2 groups of pink lady sellers this week (25th August 2012). Very good.

There are several highlights; billy kwong sells some rather amazing egg roll pancakes; and the dumplings are great as well. If the gozmeles sellers are here; I’ll alway get something. Its really good.

Come on a saturday; then wander up to redfern’s new up and comers or to any of Newtown’s awesome eateries.