unwaxed apples at a good price. I’ll take a selection thanks!

nice selection of root veg presented lovingly

milkcrate artwork.

Located in Marrickville in the plot that houses Reverse Garbage and the Bowery, the Addison Road Organic Market has some interesting foods (tofu satay burger) and Truffles on sale. What is really cool about this market is that the venue offers more than 1 thing to do when visiting; you don’t just have food – you can attend a session at the bowery: regarding anything reuse related; then walk over to reverse garbage and scope out what’s there – which is all about saving what would other wise go into a landfill and facilitates the recycling of lots of “waste”. Its quite an interesting jaunt around the venue and there’s something for everyone here.

Its all vego at the vegetarian butcher. Its very innerwest.


Delectable sweet eats. That Dulce de Leche Brownie is vey morish.

Gourmet Snags housed in a cool little camper.

At the AROM, there is an asian dumpling house (which I don’t think is organic), organic fruit veg, truffles, fresh snags, tofu satay burgers, and a whole variety of other edible delights. Its a great day out; a band of some ilk is normally playing and the atmosphere is fete like. At the far end of the markets, you can buy plants and also clothes.

A good sunday morning/arvo.


Sundays, 8:30am to 3pm
The Addison Road Community Centre
142 Addison Road
Marrkickville NSW 2204

Ph: (02) 9999 2226