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For burger aficionados in Sydney; one brand often comes up as amongst the echelon in Sydney and that’s Jovan Curic’s Pub Life Kitchen. Based out of Ultimo, PLK consistently outperforms with stellar burgers and pub eats. Their Popup with Barrio Chino at Deus was a popular highlight for many burger fans with great beef and chicken burgers on offer. What happens then when this vision of quality produce, salt-aged beef and provenance combos with its Western Suburb location and up pops Superior Burger? The best burgers this side of Sydney and one that has this innerwest foodie wishing, oh that this was nearer. And yes, the burgers are pretty great and this also comes with some pretty crazy cheap chicken and pickles.

A world away from us; Superior Burger takes over the spot of an old Wakeley takeaway shop and takes its design cues very much from the old school milkbar/takeaway shops of the period. The branding is old school, the shop with its bain marie-esque set up looks very much like an old school takeout shop. What betrays it is the dayglo neon in the shop and cluster of overgrown greenery/florida-esque plastic flamingos and parrots near the kitchen round the back. Superior’s focus on their beef is echoed by this statement via their site: “The cattle are pasture fed, hormone and antibiotic free” and the patties are served medium. You’re looking at them cows as you chow down.


“It’s all ambient light at night and the neon lights up the space and the venue looks like a brothel. It’s sick bro”

Jovan says with that glint in his eye. Late night, burger whoring; burgeroverlord style.


The Superior Burger Menu brings Fried Chicken and Superior Burgers to the West.


Lunching at Superior Burger


Superior Burger – Beef, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Superior Sauce $16


Fried Chicken and Pickles $6 (For 2 rather large pieces of chicken)


Superior Chicken Burger. Fried Chicken, Cheese, Mcclures Pickles, Tomato, Lettuce, Mayo $16


Mash and Gravy $8 and Chicken and Pickles $6

Superior Burger is a bit of a marvel. The sort of burger joint you’d expect out the innercity/city but transported to the heartland of Western Sydney. From the crispy tasty pressure cooked chicken that impressed with their crispiness and juicyness – its Americana done right to beef burgers that just ate really well. Superior Burger’s beef patties are allowed to be simply seasoned with salt, pepper and the flavours in the beef allowed to shine putting the produce in the spotlight. The observation has to be made that the chicken maryland portions are large and tremendously great value. Fans of Pub Life Kitchen who live in the area should be delighted at your new local. Superior Burger is here to save you from the mundane and ho hum. From the large tub of tasty mash, to crispy sticky sweet spicy wings to delicious burgers. This is it. Just bewarned. Large Fries portion is LARRRRGE.


Superior Burgering



Superior Burger Wakeley
Shop 5/30 Bulls Rd, Wakeley
Hours: 7 days 12pm-10pm

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