So we’re heard that Huxtaburger does the best burgers in Australia… its like the burger equivalent of Gelato Messina so to speak. And the high praise is not unwarranted. Its great, actually quite amazing. What makes it? The buttery delicious brioche and the nice thick patties that meld together. Its damn good.

The smith street Huxtaburer in Collingwood is located on a street lined with great eateries. Smith street is quite wonderful. Lucky lucky locals

Shop here is a tight fit with the ordering counter, cooktop and limited seating. about a 20 minute wait today

The Theo is amazing. It’s the spicy Huxtaburger with jalapenos. Behind it is a lickpier ginger beer (which is boozy) :) Its great.

Huxtaburger II is located in the city in a backlane – there’s 2 entrances – one from here and one from inside the complex (mall?). Yeah, we hit them twice. The neon sign goes “HOT BEEF, COLD BEER”

Ordering counter and menu (click to expand) – Price guide is $9-12.50

The CBD huxtaburger also has that diner look and the harlequin motif is here too

We had a gingerbeer here. It was the fever-tree and this one doesn’t have booze.


The huxtaburger cheeseburger. buttery brioche, nicely cooked beef.


The Huxtaburger with double patty and a side of fries with cayenne.
There’s often that line between hype/hyperbole and reality, in this instance the “best burger in Australia” line pitched at us when we headed to Melbourne meant that it did have that reputation to live up to. Is it really that good? Huxtaburger is fastfood, the same kind as Sydney’s chur, mary’s, bonarche, burgershed but its all delicious eating burgers. Probably one of the best that we’ve had.

Kind of jealous really. 2/2. Jimmy Grants and now Huxtaburger. #jugfav. Must.
Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon

Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon

2 Responses

  1. Small Barfly

    Did you make it out the back to their small bar – Bill’s? It’s located in the property next to Huxtaburgers (Collingwood)

    To get in, you go behind the Huxtaburgers counter, next to the soft drink fridge, there’s a non-descript door (which looks as though its for staff only) – go through that, and voila you’re in Bill’s!

    • TheJugernaut

      Hi @smallbarfly. Did not realise Bills + Huxtaburger Collingwood were connected. We went to the smith street store in the arvo and didn’t have drinks. One to keep in mind for the next visit.