Wedge Espresso is a nifty little cafe housed in a long and lineal space of the side of glebe point road. You don’t really have to go looking for it but you might just miss it if you were walking down the main throughfare and that would be a real shame as Wedge is a rather good place to drop in and do a weekend brunch. Better too on Saturday when the glebe markets is on.


A look at the cafe. They basically put in massive opening making a huge long counter which you can sit and eat along. Earlier in the arvo, some diner took the chair out and had it on the street so you can face your dining companion.


Closeup of the oversized figurines on the back wall. Its rather fantastic. Coffee Beans.


A look across the cafe. Its a long narrow space. Light is steaming in. Very nice. Every single art piece is something related to coffee. There’s a cute little padded seat area at the back. The use of the sheeting makes the fitout cheap and simple.


elevational look at Wedge. Those large bifold windows is the main reason why this works.


Left/Right. See the sign on the ground on the right? Wedge converts to Sloppies (they serve sloppy joes) at night and I’ll be back one of these evenings. Hopefully soon.


A look at their menu.


The Breakfast plate. Good eating. Nice crusty bread, basil on the tomatoes with nice flakes of seasalt and good eggs. Didn’t care much for the muesli mush in the little jar which was a bit too breakfasty for me (duh, it was the breakfast plate). I thought it was some sort of chicken mash; like a tiny pot of pate/protein for the bread. We didn’t eat it. Otherwise, really quite good. We ate this last so if we had tackled the muesli first, we probably would have eaten it.


2x2coffees. A short black and latte. Good coffees here. We had 2 each.


The Henry. Smashed Egg, double smoked ham, avo, rocket. This was quite excellent. nice chipotle mayo in it. yum. Should have ordered 2. Very good eating.


Pulled Pork Sandwich. Wanted the Poached Chicken instead but they were out. We ate the Henry first and the fact that it was toasted added a lot to that sandwich. Probably would have liked it a lot more if it was toasted or had something in the pork (pickles?) to add some much needed texture/kick. or just more mayo. A bit of sundried tomato? Normally I think pulled pork is associated with meaty/robust flavours but this didn’t really have it. It looks a lot like tuna in the picture.

So a nice sunday catchup with my mate A. It was very pleasant to sit at Wedge’s counter, soak up the sun and spend a relaxing sunday morning (I did go to Aromas at Rocks after this brunch and that was a mistake… ). Wedge is smartly fitted out, the staff were quite pleasant and attentive. Food was good as was the coffee. They do a great job considering how tiny the kitchen’s foot print is. Happy to head back for more and for Sloppies.

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  1. talkandspoon

    Love the wedge! But it’s true – my avocado was presented much more nicely on the breakfast plate! Am also keen to try out the sloppies ASAP.