Three Williams is a cavernous diner located at 613a Elizabeth street. It adjoins danish furniture house Great Dane and is an Anthony Gill fitout. The location is a bit remote but there is ample parking on the street side with rows of parking. What’s 3 williams like? Well, its kind of cool. We dropped in for a menu tasting and the whole shebang is impressive. Good range and great food.

btw: “Est. for urban dwellers. Est. for the famished. Est. for the lazy dad. Est. for the hangover.” that’s awesome.

Big island where they work to produce your drinks/coffees. 3 Williams is a day/cafe only. The back is where the kitchen is housed. Note: On the right, terminating where the ramp ends, is a big blackboard for your kids and kidults to scribble. Did say its kind of cool.


Elevational change. You can make out where street level is: Abundant Day lighting. leather seats


Nice concrete island where the sweet treats are house and the menu board is there too.


Takeaway Menu, Coffees. Its big enough for 3-4 guys to work in there.


donuts and other sweet treats. That’s a grapefruit flavoured glaze.





Their fries are triple cooked, super crunchy and yeah good.


Big Willie. Their breakfast plate with the lot is impressive with loads to eat. Good hashbrown and the eggs are well cooked too


The merchant: their bacon and egg has some sorta mayo and pickled cucumber.


The poached eggs, serrano ham, bell peppers, feta, dukkah has middle eastern influences.


Fish Croquettes. Really nice at $3 each. You’ll want to try these. Crispy and good. Served like this. A+


Baked Beans, avocado, 2 perfect poached eggs. Lime is nice touch and the bread per most dishes recieved some attention on the grill imparting that char and flavour.


Peanut Caramel shake. Good


Beef Brisket Narnie was nice. The brisket was smokey, oodles of flavour and delicious. Almost a burger but not  – they should consider giving diners to have this in a brioche bun.


Prawn Narnie has 4x succulent prawn in it and was also quite delicious.


Dessert in the form of donuts+brownies. Pink glaze = beetroot for colouring and grapefruit flavoured.


Breakfast brioche/french toast. YES MORE PLEASE. very good.

Tempeh Narnie. This had a nice spiciness to it and vegos will appreciate it.


Cauliflower Salad. I liked this quite bit. Really generous serve – probably a third or half a head of cauliflower? Surprisingly morish.

As mentioned we dropped in for a menu tasting (thx wasamedia) and did eat a lot of the food. Coffee is good here. Three Williams impressed dishing up food that is several notches above generic cafe fare and does warrant a trip out. During our visit (sat morning), it was packed out with a 10 minute or so wait for a table. So for such a large venue, people are definitely making this a destination for their weekend brunch. The fitout could easily accomodate a nice diner in the evening and the space is lowkey cool. Very noisy in there and the ramp to the side isn’t filled and it sounds crazy noisy when kids run up and down it. Lovely food, hit this for the croquettes, the triple cooked fries, brisket narnie, brioche and the Big willie. There’s a lot to love here and its not that far to jaunt down from SurryHills/Redfern. Design lovers will appreciate the industrial space left mostly alone.




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  1. Tina @foodfortina

    wow. just wow. There isn’t a dish in these pictures that I’d pass on. Keen to try the beef brisket narnie, and that breakfast brioche, and the fish croquettes, and the peanut caramel milkshake, and the grapefruit glazed doughnuts. oh wow this is delicious. Thanks for the post! :)