The Paramount Coffee Project is the latest by the guys behind Reuben Hills and its a triumph of design and class. Located inside Paramount House, PCP is a fantastic cafe with ample daylighting and design so clean it cuts – it sits in the lobby and somehow manages to integrate and flow. Adjoining it, are tokyo bike and pop plants





Tait Chairs – from Melbourne with a showroom near redfern



Tokyo Bike


PCP espresso – The Reuben Hills


Cap + Latte


Double Fried Chicken. Delicious fried chicken, salad was pleasant not being overladened in mayo and was quitely satisfying.


Blackened Fish with Potato Salad. Cajun flavours sung but less bitey than Miss Peaches. Good potato salad


PCP waffles, bacon, egg, avocado mash. Breakfasty staple but with a nice piece of waffle. The avocado is hidden in the pic but there is a bit of it.


PCP peanut butter icecream w waffles. Tasted snickery the ice cream. Probably needed some crushed pretzel for crunch but was otherwise a really nice way to finish.

We dropped in for an afternoon catchup and lunch. The espresso surprised in volume being as small as it was but was tightly flavoured and quite nice. More would have been nice. :) The surprise however was how nice the experience of being in PCP was. Service was great, friendly and accomodating. The big surprise, that the food fared a lot better than we expected, with every thing we ate being rather good. Not going to write too much, but find time to hit the PCP and worth of its title as part of the RH alum. Its well worth your time. I’ll be back soonish for the crab po boy which looks amazing.

The Paramount Coffee Project? A resounding success.
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2 Responses

  1. ellen e. (@talkandspoon)

    Have been to PCP twice now, and each time I tell myself – I’m going to get the waffles. However, last minute I was always chicken out and mumble something about being healthy to myself, and opt for a savoury option… next time iIwill have the peanut butter waffles!

    • TheJugernaut

      Heh, I’ve been a couple of times now and tried a majority of their menu. The brioche is pretty special :)