Sydney. Sunday. What you gonna do? Head into The Grounds and check out the markets and have a cracker of a morning. And that’s just what we did. The grounds? Its awesome. Just be prepared to wait if you want to eat inside. Today, it was an hour and a half but it wasn’t too bad a wait considering how active and interesting the markets were. Lots to eat, see and experience.

Their fruit and juice stall is nice looking making what is essentially punnets of fruit look desirable


The fruit tart+sweet eats stall is amazing. The setup and presentation is rustic, layered and really quite appealing


Nut mixs + lollies.


Lots of green and there’s a bouncing castle.


Thronging with people. Xmas stuff on sale at that last kiosk.


Here we have the market stalls (non food)


Pergolaed Dining Area no.2

Spit Roasted Meats for the rolls. Amazing eats. Lamb rolls were tender, flavoursome. $10. Yumwow.

Lemon Meringue tart was delicious.

This wasn’t too popular a stall but its fresh donuts you guys

We double back and its shock and awe. Everywhere in the city should have kiosks that sell food like this. Its just… delectable.

A signpost of the areas round the grounds. Lots to wander around and see here.

Inside. Wanna get in? Its an hour half wait today. Its about an hour without the markets.

Nice Roasting art work on the wall.

Like the rest of the grounds, venue looks great.



Packed with people.

Latte Art. Coffee was very nice.

Saffron Linguine with Prawns. All the mains were around $19 and this was quite nice. Light and tasty.

Their grounds schnitty is delicious and a good recommendation.

NZ king salmon with Quinoa and Broadbeans. Food presented beautifully and tasted good.

Markets Review

There was a a few stalls to look at – can’t skate co with their leather goods and tees, some soy candles (zzzzz), food stalls, maya sunny honey, some sort of glassware seller and that comboed with the food stalls means you’d be happy just hanging around outside wandering around, looking at the animals and grabbing a nibble here and there. The rolls were great and affordable. The pastries were great. The outdoor areas at the grounds is worth checking out on the Sunday. Kids will love the mini zoo. They hired some great staff who kept it clean and were super friendly.

Grounds Inside

long wait aside, the grounds cafe was nice and intimate and well fitted out with nice modern touches like the neon – quite pleasant to be dining in. Outside of some initial rudeness by one of the waitress – the guy who brought us in, made us follow him around the whole venue and then disappeared without seating us and she tried to kick us out – That was an hour and a half wait and we’re not going to let you boot us. He returned to sit us and she apologised. Well, yeah. That aside, table service was great, with attentive friendliness showcasing how well oiled the service side was. Table water was replenished the second it was finished and the food was excellent.

Quite fantastic.
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      apparently most people can. The donut stall had very little attention all day.